Do You Have Some Of These Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms

We have all been told that pregnancy may cause you to feel nauseous, to throw up, to develop strange cravings; but what you are less likely to have been told about are these rather unusual pregnancy symptoms:

  • Spider veins around the chest and upper arms, may appear as early pregnancy signs in some rare cases
  • Nasal congestion like a cold or a clogged nose can be an early pregnancy sign as well and you may even get nose bleed
  • A strange metallic taste in the mouth is also noted by some pregnancy women due to hormonal changes
  • Flatulence is an embarrassing but natural byproduct of early pregnancy which can be controlled by appropriate diet changes.
  • Overactive salivary glands or excessive salivation also may be seen during early pregnancy
  • Camping in the legs, particularly in the middle of the night can also be an early pregnancy symptoms which may be due to a calcium requirement of other deficiency
  • Facial hair may increase in darkness and abundance, and facial pigmentation may also show up during pregnancy

If you have any unusual symptoms though, remember not to self medicate; rather to consult your doctor about appropriate rememdies.


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