5 Early Signs of Being Pregnant

For many new couples that have not experienced the joy of having a child in the past, the prospect of pregnancy is usually one that excites a lot of interest and anxiety. This is especially true for the new couples that have been trying to get pregnant for quite a while.

Knowing the early signs of being pregnant should prove very useful in reducing or cutting down the anxiety that is normally associated with the anticipation of pregnancy. As most gynecologists and other qualified professionals in this field are likely to tell you, the best way to determine whether or not you are pregnant is by taking a pregnancy test.

Early Signs of Being Pregnant

Even though such a test could only be imagined in the past, developments in modern technology have made the tests a reality and today, one can walk into a supermarket and buy a pregnancy kit. The kits are available at some very affordable prices and are very easy to use. In addition, they are also very accurate and the results obtained from the same are hard to question.

Most of the people who have used the pregnancy test kits in the past will also attest to the fact that the mornings are usually the best times to perform this test. The main reason for this is that the pregnancy hormone that the test kit is supposed to pick up in the urine is normally strongest in the morning.

The second and by far the most commonly relied on of the early signs of being pregnant is menstruation. Many people consider missed periods a clear sign of pregnancy and are therefore usually on the lookout for any occurrence of the same whenever they are anticipating pregnancy. Even though these methods have proved to be effective in the past, there are people who simply do not have the patience to wait until these signs become evident and prove that they are pregnant.

For such people, there is the need to discover some other more salient but more immediate early signs of being pregnant in order to ease their anxiety. Some of these early signs are discussed below.

What are the early signs of being pregnant

There are number of signs that may indicate that one is pregnant if they are experienced in the time when the person in question is anticipating pregnancy. It is important to note that these signs are not conclusive and their presence does not automatically guarantee pregnancy.

On the other hand, not all pregnant women are bound to experience them and as such, their absence too should not be taken to mean that the individual is not pregnant.

a)    Increased sense of smell wherein bad odors tend to become overcoming and unbearable and subtle smells, otherwise hard to notice become immensely stronger.

b)    Tenderness and swelling of breasts. This normally occurs in anticipation of pregnancy.

c)    Metallic taste. Some mothers may experience a metallic taste in their mouths that causes them to become nauseous.

d)    Morning sickness. His refers to a feeling of nausea sometimes accompanied by actual vomiting.

e)      Increased vaginal discharge. This is one of the early signs of being pregnant if it is not accompanied by soreness and itchiness.


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