Early Signs of Twin Pregnancy First 2 Weeks

When a pregnant woman is expecting multiples, then there can be many ways that this situation will make itself visible and known. Infact most mothers are aware of the fact that they are going to have more than 2 babies from the very beginning of the pregnancy and sometimes as soon as just 2 weeks. Mothers have strong and accurate intuitions and this is one way to know about a multiple pregnancy. But in some cases, a woman might not be able to know that she is expecting twins or triplets. So for these women, early signs of twin pregnancy first 2 weeks are mentioned in the below part of the article.

Early Signs of Twin Pregnancy First 2 Weeks

Physical Symptoms

Various physical symptoms are as follows:

  • Weight gain-while a singleton mother may gain about 5 to 7 pounds in the first trimester, anyone gaining more weight than this might be expecting twins.
  • Abdomen size-in the case of a twin pregnancy, the mother might grow quicker than a mother with a single baby.
  • Fatigue-one of the most common symptom of a twin pregnancy which starts making itself visible and felt is excessive fatigue. This happens because the body is busy taking care of two babies and hence there is very little amount of energy left in the body.
  • Fetal movement-there is little evidence, but enough to prove the fact that if a mother is expecting twin babies, she might experience fetal movement inside her womb.  This happens when the baby is moving.
  • Nausea-if a mother is expecting twin babies, and then she might experience an increased level of morning sickness which involves nausea and vomiting etc.

Other Signs and Symptoms

Apart from the physical symptoms which are mentioned above, a pregnant woman might also experience other signs, which are as follows:

  • An unexplainable hunch or vague kind of suspicion during the first weeks of pregnancy. This might involve dreams about having twins or thinking thoughts which involved twin things or things in pairs etc.
  • Another sign to identify twin pregnancy is hearing multiple heartbeats. But this happens only at the end of the first trimester and not within the first 2 weeks.
  • Abnormally high results in AFP test is another symptom which might suggest that the pregnant woman might be expecting twin babies.  AFP test measures the protein secreted by the fetal liver.


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