First Pregnancy Symptoms – The Delightful And Not-So-Delightful

A woman who is looking forward to getting pregnant is keenly on the lookout for her first pregnancy symptoms.

Particularly the woman who is trying to get pregnant for the first time feels perhaps a mixture of anticipation and trepidation, excitement and apprehension, not knowing exactly what to expect but keenly expectant none the less.

The Prima gravida (this is a medical term meaning woman in her first pregnancy and a term that first time pregnant women will likely see on their doctor’s prescription or other reports) will be looking to spot these first pregnancy symptoms among others, some delightful and some not so much!

Even before you take the test that will confirm a pregnancy, there are other first pregnancy symptoms that should give you a fair idea of whether one really is pregnant.

Watch out for some (or all, or none) of these first pregnancy symptoms which may start to make themselves apparent within the first few weeks of conception:

  • Even before you’ve missed a period, tender or swollen breasts could give you your first clue about being pregnant. All those hormonal changes that kick in immediately upon conception will make them feel fuller, heavier and more sensitive.
  • Even before the time that you would otherwise have had your period, you could experience some spotting, different and less in duration than a regular period. This would be the implantation bleeding that some women find, which is one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms.
  • For many women, that classic first pregnancy symptom of nausea or morning sickness could strike as early as 2 weeks after conception.
  • Changes in the digestive system can happen due to the monumental hormonal changes that are going on in the body and women may find that they may be constipated.
  • While many women experience first pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue and tiredness, others may not. Also while some women find themselves getting dizzy and even faint during early pregnancy, others seem to suffer no such symptoms.
  • With a first pregnancy, symptoms such as feeling the movements made by the baby may be late in being felt. While a woman pregnant for the first time may notice those feathery movements way later than the half way mark of the pregnancy, second timers or more seasoned mothers may feel them as early as 16 weeks[16 weeks pregnant]!
  • Headaches and stuffy noses could also be among the earlier pregnancy symptoms.
  • An even tempered woman may find that she is suddenly becoming weepy and emotional.
  • Food that you have always loved may suddenly become anathema and that which you never really liked, you may suddenly crave for!

These are just some first pregnancy symptoms; a particular woman may experience all and then some, or none of these!


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