What Are the First Trimester Symptoms?

In the first trimester your body is going through great changes, even if you can’t really feel them.

Nonetheless you will constantly be reminded of them by the first trimester symptoms. The hormones that are released will start to nourish the baby even before you know that you are pregnant.

Morning sickness as one of the symptoms of the first trimester

This one of the signs could appear three weeks after fertilization and it can hit you at any moment of the day. It looks like it is caused by the rising levels of estrogen and progesterone. Because of them digestion slows down. It is also known that pregnant women have a heightened sense of smell.

First Trimester SymptomsSome of the symptoms of the first trimester are caused by smells. Perfume, cigarette smoke or the smell of foods could make you nauseous. In order to make the situation better you should have some crackers and also you should have smaller and more frequent meals during the day.

Tender and swollen breasts

It is also one of the first trimester symptoms to have tender and swollen breasts, but they could be tingly or sore too. This sign is caused by the pregnancy hormones. Some women say that they breasts feel heavier and fuller. In order to make it better, you should be wearing a more supportive bra.

Frequent urination

Lot of women find themselves going to the toilet more often as one of the symptoms of the first trimester. This happens mostly during the night. You can also expect to have some urine leakage especially when you laugh, cough or sneeze. In this case your belly is to blame because it puts pressure on the bladder.

To make sure that the first trimester symptoms don’t lead to a urinary tract infection, you should use the bathroom whenever you feel the need to. In case you don’t want to wake up in the night, you should be drinking less water before you go to bed.


This is one of the most common symptoms of the first trimester. Since your body is producing more progesterone, which could make you sleepy. There are some other factors as well that decrease your energy level, such as low blood pressure and blood sugar level and higher blood production.

Food cravings and aversions as symptoms of the first trimester

It is common for women with the first trimester symptoms to crave foods such as fried goods and coffee. In the majority of the cases the cravings are caused by the hormonal changes, and it is possible for women to find themselves craving foods that they never liked before.


When you are pregnant the blood vessels dilate and your blood pressure drops. This is why some of the symptoms of the first trimester appear. Women could get dizzy or lightheaded. In the same time fatigue, stress and hunger could have the same effect. In order to avoid it, you shouldn’t spend too much time standing in one place.

In case you have been sitting or lying, to avoid the first trimester symptoms, make sure that you get up slowly. If you happen to perform ay dangerous activities, you should stop immediately. Dizziness might hit you when you are standing and in this case you should sit down immediately.

Constipation and heartburn

As it has been mentioned before, as one of the first trimester symptoms you will notice that food takes more time to be digested. This way there is more time for the nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered to the baby. The sad part is that this could lead to constipation and heartburn.


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