Implantation Cramps – How to Look at This Pregnancy Symptom?

There are some women who experience implantation cramps. These are mild cramps that can be experienced in the moment when the fertilized egg gets implanted into the wall of the uterus.

The truth is that it is a rare pregnancy symptom because only a few women experience a discomfort of this kind.

Information about cramps during implantation

The truth is that the discomfort itself could also be accompanied by bleeding. In some cases it is mistaken for menstrual cramping or bleeding. You should consider it as something good because it means that you are really pregnant.

Implantation CrampsCramping and bleeding

As it has been mentioned before regarding cramps during implantation, not all women experience it.

Keep in mind that fertilization usually takes place 6-8 days after intercourse, so this is the time to keep an eye out for the cramps. In the majority of the cases the cramps are presented as dull pain.

The implantation cramps can be noticed a lot before any pregnancy test could confirm your pregnancy. We could say that this is nature’s way of telling women that there is new life forming in their belly.

This is why women should react to the cramps with happiness or joy, or maybe with a bit of nervousness.

Further information

When you are affected by cramps during implantation, most probably you feel a dull ache in the lower abdomen. The severity of the pain varies from one woman to the other. In some cases, it can be really mild, while in other cases it could get quite painful.

The implantation cramps are caused by the fact that the body is trying to adjust to the pregnancy. It is difficult to notice these cramps because not everybody experiences them and even if you do, most probably you think that these are only regular menstrual cramps.

It is not a must to have cramps during implantation or bleeding. It is possible that you will experience only one of them, both, or neither. Even if you are affected by both of them, it is possible that they are too mild for you to notice them. If you do notice them, there is no need for panic.

In case the implantation cramps are accompanied by bleeding, this is supposed to be slight with a pink or brown color.

If the bleeding you experience is bright or heavy, most probably it’s not implantation bleeding that you are faced with. Nonetheless it could suggest a miscarriage and in this case you need medical care.

Cramps during implantation and period

It is possible to have cramping and implantation bleeding when you are supposed to have your period. This is why women usually mistake these signs with the signs of menstruation. If these last only for a day or two and the symptoms aren’t as severe as a period, most probably you are pregnant.

How long do the implantation cramps last?

In the majority of the cases, the cramps and bleeding should be brief and slight. Simply put, they should last for only a day or two at most. If the symptoms last longer and they are more severe, you should have some tests to make sure that you didn’t have a miscarriage.

Some other problems that could cause symptoms similar to cramps during implantation include pre-term labor, ectopic pregnancy, preeclampsia, placental abruption, or urinary tract infections. If it’s none of these, then most probably the problems are caused by bloating and gas.

As you can see there is nothing that you should be worried about when it comes to implantation cramps but you should be happy if you were trying for a baby.


  1. Great article. The pinkish – brown spotting is what alarm most women, following with implantation cramps & pain. Go get a test the minute you see / feel these symptoms.



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