IVF Pregnancy Symptoms at 5 Weeks

If you are thinking about IVF pregnancy symptoms at 5 weeks for sure you know that IVF is the process through which the fertilized embryo is transferred into the uterus of the woman.

This process is used in case of couples who are struggling with infertility.

IVF Pregnancy Symptoms at 5 Weeks

Breast changes

One of the first symptoms that women notice after the process is having sore breasts. The feeling varies from one woman to the other, but women usually say that the breasts feel swollen, tingly and sore. Remember that if you are taking progesterone you could have sore breasts even if you aren’t pregnant.


When it comes to the pregnancy symptoms during the 5th week after IVF, fatigue is a symptom that you have to think about. The problem is caused by the fact that your body has to work overtime to support the pregnancy and the pregnancy hormone progesterone is also making you sleepy.


This one of the IVF pregnancy symptoms at 5 weeks is also known as morning sickness. Although it got the name of morning sickness, it can appear at just any moment of the day. It is caused by the pregnancy hormones that make food clear out from the stomach more slowly.

Heightened sense of smell

If morning sickness wasn’t bad enough, this one of the 5th pregnancy week symptom after IVF can make your life even more miserable. Women during their pregnancy are very sensitive to smells. Some of the smells can become very unpleasant and they can make women nauseous.

Food cravings

This is one of the classic IVF pregnancy symptoms at 5 weeks. Pregnant women may notice that there are some foods that they could die for, while some other foods that they liked before can make them nauseous. This symptom can appear at any time during the first trimester.

Higher basal body temperature

Another one of the pregnancy signs during the 5th week after IVF is a higher BBT. The BBT usually rises during ovulation and it stays high for the following two weeks. If it stays high for a longer period of time it may suggest a pregnancy. Normally this is the first sign that women can notice.

The truth is that the IVF pregnancy symptoms at 5 weeks are pretty much the same as the pregnancy symptoms of women who got pregnant the natural way.


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