Morning Sickness? Nothing Really Seems To Help, Says Study

There may be all sorts of advice and tips available to alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness, but according to a recent study, there are really no effective treatments for morning sickness; apparently it is that part of pregnancy which you just have to grit your teeth and bear with.

morning sicknessIn the past, the infamous Thalidomide being used to combat morning sickness had caused a number of severe birth defects, and even more recently, few drugs are considered safe  enough for use during the sensitive first trimester, which is when morning sickness is usually at its worst.

Later all manner of alternative treatments have been tried – acupuncture, sugar solutions, vitamin supplements, and home remedies such as ginger etc. But nothing can be said to work with certainty and certainly not for all; in fact ginger can actually make some women feel sicker.

Various studies have looked at various different options as being effective for morning sickness, but there is no consistency in the findings, and no one treatment in particular can be said to work.

The best bet, according to experts is to get plenty of rest and plenty of fluids (small amounts at short intervals so as not to exacerbate queasiness), have small meals and bland food. Avoid strong odors and have food cold so that the smell is not as strong.


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