Natural Signs of Pregnancy Symptoms You Should Consider

There is no way for women to know that they are pregnant as soon as conception occurs.

However, there are some natural signs of pregnancy symptoms that can guide the future mothers to the right direction.

Sometimes the signs are quite subtle so you will have to look really hard.

Natural Signs of Pregnancy Symptoms

Tingling nipples

This is one of the first signs that women see. It occurs about a week after fertilization because the blood flow increases in the nipples due to the pregnancy hormones. The symptom will soon subside as the body gets used to the new situation.

Cramping and spotting

When thinking about the pregnancy signs which are natural, for sure you will consider cramping and spotting as obvious signs you are expecting. The spotting is really light and it is caused by the embryo that gets implanted in the uterus. The bleeding can also be accompanied by cramping. Usually these symptoms appear around the time when you are supposed to have your period.

Morning sickness

If you are thinking about this one of the natural signs of pregnancy symptoms you should know that it can hit at just any moment of the day. Women usually have a general feeling of being unwell and sometimes they throw up. The good news is that the symptom will disappear around the second trimester.


This natural symptom of pregnancy seems just normal if you think about the fact that your body has to support the development of another tiny human. The symptom is common during the first trimester, but it will fade away as the body gets used to the changes.

Frequent urination

Going to the toilet often is one of the natural signs of pregnancy symptoms. It is caused by the pregnancy hormones that increase the blood flow to the kidneys and to the bladder. If you have a strange feeling when you urinate, you should see a doctor because you could have a UTI.

Darker areolas

This one of the pregnancy symptoms’ natural signs is caused by the pregnancy hormones that make the skin around the nipple become darker. In the same time the bumps will become more pronounced and the nipples become more erect than they have ever been.

There is not much that you can do about the natural signs of pregnancy symptoms, except learning to deal with them for about 9 months.


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