No Pregnancy Symptoms – Normal or Odd?

We all know about the major changes that pregnancy brings, so is it normal to have no pregnancy symptoms? Believe it or not, not having any symptoms during the first few weeks or months is considered to be quite common.

Also remember that each pregnancy is different.

No Pregnancy Symptoms

How come you are not having pregnancy symptoms?

Keep in mind that not all women have all the common pregnancy signs that include morning sickness, bloating, food cravings and gas. Probably the most common symptom is feeling more tired than usual, and it is possible that you won’t see this symptom either.

Your situation

If you don’t have pregnancy symptoms it is possible that you are in the two weeks waiting period between ovulation and implantation. If you already had a positive pregnancy test you may be waiting to see your doctor about your possible pregnancy.

If you belong to one of these groups and you show no pregnancy symptoms, the best thing that you could do is to just wait. In the meantime make sure that you take good care of yourself. Most probably you only have to wait a little longer to experience the first symptoms of pregnancy.

Lucky ones

If your doctor already confirmed your pregnancy and you still have a lack of symptoms, it is possible that you are one of the lucky women who don’t suffer from exhaustion, morning sickness, food cravings or bloating during the first trimester. This is something that you should be happy about.

Other symptoms

It is possible that you think you have no pregnancy symptoms but in fact you have some other, more subtle symptoms that are also normal during pregnancy, but they aren’t automatically connected to it. Some pregnant women feel that they have more energy, an increased sex drive or a bigger appetite.

It doesn’t really matter whether you lack the pregnancy symptoms or you just don’t recognize them. You should really do your best to enjoy this period, because you can be sure that you will have pregnancy symptoms as the pregnancy progresses and you will miss these happy times.

What’s going on?

If you have no pregnancy symptoms most probably you would like to know what’s going on inside your uterus. For this you should read some pregnancy books or online guides to understand how your baby is developing. This way you will feel more in tune with your own body, even if you don’t feel the changes.


Regardless whether you experience or you don’t experience pregnancy symptoms, you have to make sure that you attend your regular checkups and that you follow the guidelines of a healthy pregnancy. If you happen to notice anything out of the ordinary, like spotting or bleeding, you should let your doctor know about it.

As you can see having no pregnancy symptoms doesn’t mean that there is something wrong. It may simply mean that you are lucky enough not to experience the bothersome symptoms and to have a happier and carefree pregnancy.


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