Top 15 Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

– Checklist for early signs of pregnancy.

How will I know that I am pregnant? You forgot to make use of contraceptive measures during your last sexual act and now you are plagued with the anxiety of becoming pregnant.

If you know your body perfectly then it is not a tough deal for you. You will be able to know a lot earlier whether you are pregnant or not.

Unfortunately, in some cases women are not sure about their current fertility status. In accordance with facts, not every female experiences the same pregnancy symptom; hence, they normally come to know about it after several weeks have passed when they realize that they missed their first menstruation cycle.

Pregnancy Indicator

This is perhaps one of the most common sign of pregnancy. In this feature, you will know what other indicators warrant a diagnosis of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Indicator

1. Increased appetite – It can be one among the indicators of pregnancy but increased appetite does not assure that you are expecting.

Sometimes, a deficiency of a particular nutrient in your body also causes this. However, you can use it as one of the presumptive signs if one of the other symptoms mentioned in the list accompanies it.

2. Areolas getting darker – Are the colorful rings around your nipples getting darker? You should go for a pregnancy test, as it is assuring that you have successfully conceived. However, sometimes, darkened skin of the areolas is a result of hormonal imbalance and it can be an effect of past pregnancy.

3. Cramping and blood staining – If you experience a blood spotting that is a slight staining of pink or brown color almost after eight days of ovulation, then have it confirmed. This is considered as a trusted symptom of pregnancy. This is often a result of the burrowing of the fertilized egg into the endometrial lining. This process is termed as ‘implantation’ (implantation bleeding).

4. Frequent urination – Nowadays, you are rushing towards the restroom quite frequently. Why would you not get a pregnancy test? This is also a likely sign of pregnancy although it is not an assured indication. Soon after the embryo has been implanted the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) level rises, which increases the frequency of urination in a pregnant woman.

Pregnancy Indicator

5. A continued feeling of getting tired – You are suffering from weariness. Surely, you have not done any thing exhausting but the problem of fatigue persists.

This is the time when you observe what else is irritating you, as fatigue is one of the most overt problems during the early days of pregnancy.

Nevertheless in many cases, ‘low energy’ propels one for continued tiredness but if it comes with any of the other symptoms mentioned on this list then pregnancy is most probable.

6. Swollen breasts – In normal cases of pregnancy, the breast becomes sore. This is almost like the way one feels before her menstrual period. This happens due to certain hormonal imbalances, which make your busts tender.

7. Nothing is tasty for you – You are experiencing an altered sense of taste. Whatever you liked earlier is not that pleasing to your taste now and all the time you feel as if there is some metallic taste in your mouth. Take note, this is something that can be an indication of pregnancy.

Morning Sickness8. Morning sickness – This symptom does not hit every pregnant woman but in most cases, women feel morning sickness a few weeks after her sexual contact. In some cases, the situation becomes more complicated when feelings of nausea are also present.

9. A missed period – Your periods are very regular but last month it does not arrive on time. To add further to your anxiety, the last time you had an intercourse you did not use any form of contraception.

Dear, you must go for a pregnancy test, as this is the most common symptom of pregnancy. If ever you are not having regular menstruations during your cycle but you are currently observing a great change in your metabolism that is accompanied with any of above listed pregnancy signs then go for a checkup before you jump into conclusions as to why you missed your period this month.

10. Increased sensitivity to odors – Normally, newly pregnant females feel like getting away from the area where aroma of certain eatables spread. This can be ‘a cup of coffee,’ ‘boiled eggs,’ and ‘fried onions’ among others. Aromas of these eatables make suspected pregnant women nauseated. The increased quantity of estrogen in their body triggers this change.

11. High temperature of the basal body – If you happen to make a chart of your body temperature and for the last few days, you are experiencing an increment in this temperature then there maybe something going on. You must first check your table properly if it is already more than 18 days since your basal body temperature is increasing. This is most likely the same date when you were with your mate. Yes, your anticipation can be true because you might be an expectant mother.

12. Unusual sensation – Pregnancy generally deals with an alteration in hormones, which can leave you feeling distended. This is very much like the sensation, which you feel on the days just before your menstruation cycle.

Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms13. Abdominal bloating – You are having abdominal bloating, which you usually experience during your period days but this time it is happening at an earlier time. Check this list. If it accompanies with any of the other symptoms of pregnancy then this may signal that you are going to become a would-be mom.

14. Getting faint – This is common among future moms. Though it happens just once or twice, women usually experience fainting episodes during the early days of pregnancy.

If you have experienced the same, you are also in the queue although sometimes this situation can happen because of ‘low energy’ and ‘anemia problems’ as well.

15. Constipation – You are noticing a bizarre change in your bowels. Moreover, your intestines are relaxed and functioning less. An alteration in your hormones, which is supposed to be an important pregnancy signal, can trigger this symptom. Most of time, constipation is a result of irregular eating habits but if it is amalgamated with swollen breasts, morning sickness, blood spotting or any of other indicators, you should check your pregnancy strip.

If you are going through all of these sudden changes in your body and still unsure about your pregnancy then you must take a home pregnancy test as its outcome will surely assure you a more definite result.

Despite the fact that the date of your first period has not arrived yet and you are experiencing all these signs, you should then check your status using a pregnancy strip. If it turns blue, it is the time to consult your doctor because you are most likely to become a mom in the near future.

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