Signs and Symptoms of Fraternal Twins

While some women wish to have twins, in other cases twins come by surprise. If you are wondering whether you have twins, you should keep an eye out for the signs and symptoms of fraternal twins. Remember that the babies have to reach a certain stage of development for the doctors to be able to tell whether you have twins or not.

Signs and Symptoms of Fraternal Twins

Gestational sacs

The gestational sac can be seen during an ultrasonography. If you have a vaginal ultrasonography, the doctor could see two sacs, if the twins are fraternal twins.

The identical twins share a gestational sac so at the early stages the doctors can’t tell how many babies you will have.

After the 4th-5th week if you have an ultrasonography, it might show some of the signs and symptoms of non-identical twins. This is the stage when the embryos become visible.

If you are really curious it is good to know that the transvaginal ultrasonography can offer you answers faster than an abdominal ultrasound.

HCG levels

When it comes to the signs and symptoms of fraternal twins, you should know that hCG is produced by the placenta. In the majority of the cases the women pregnant with two babies have higher levels of hCG than the women who will have only one baby.

Nonetheless you have to remember regarding this one of the non-identical twins’ sign and symptoms that it isn’t the most accurate sign. There are a lot of women who claim to have felt or just known that they will have twins. Also remember that if you got pregnant through ART you have higher chances of having twins.

Subjective symptoms

Although these aren’t certain signs and symptoms of fraternal twins, it is often said that the women pregnant with two or more babies have more severe nausea, sorer breasts, they have to go to the toilet more often and they experience more fatigue than the mothers with singleton pregnancies.

In the same time the symptoms and signs of twin pregnancy also include experiencing symptoms of pregnancy sooner than in case of singleton pregnancies. Naturally we shouldn’t forget about maternal intuition either because women know their bodies the best.

The truth is that there are only a few signs and symptoms of fraternal twins that can be objectively assessed or measured. Sometimes women don’t know that they will have twins until they give birth.


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