The Major Signs of Having Twins

In case you think that you have more than one heart beating in the uterus, you may be interested in the signs of having twins.

Although there are some traditional methods that are supposed to tell you whether you have multiples, there are some scientific methods that can tell you for sure.

Ultrasound and signs of having multiples

For some women the only way to make sure that they have twins is to see them, and in this case the only option is to have an ultrasound. This way women can see whether there are really two fetuses. If they have some other symptoms as well, this is the way to make sure.

If you have some suspicions regarding the early signs of having twins, you should talk to your doctor. The chances of not noticing the second fetus are very small, especially during the second and third trimester.

Still it is possible to have hidden twins, and women had sextuplets in the past without having any clue in advance.

Doppler heartbeat count

Signs of Having Twins

The early signs of having twins can be checked through harmless methods, such as the sound waves used by the Doppler system. The main point of the system is that it amplifies the heartbeats of the  premature babies, which become quite distinguishable, especially during the last trimester.

If you are working with an experienced midwife or doctor, for sure he or she will be able to tell the number of babies. Nonetheless mistakes can be made and the second heartbeat could just be background noise or the heartbeat of the mother.

High hCG levels

The levels of hCG could be monitored for different reasons and it can also be used as one of the signs of having twins. This is a hormone that appears in the blood and urine of women about 10 days after conception. It rises very fast and achieves a peak at about the 10th week of pregnancy.

It is possible for twins to cause higher levels of hCG as one of the signs of having twins. Nonetheless it is likely for the hCG levels of twins to be within the normal ranges of singletons. This is because the hormone is produced by the placenta and this is why it’s not a must to have elevated levels.

AFP test results

AFP test is a kind of blood test that women go through during the second trimester. This is also called triple marker screen or maternal serum screening and it is meant to find the possible risks of the baby having birth defects.

If it is one of the signs of having twins then the results can be higher than normal or positive. If this is the case, most probably you will have an ultrasound for your doctor to make sure of the results and to assess the situation of the baby or babies.

Gestational age

Usually the height of the uterine fundus is measured to determine the gestational age and this could also be one of the signs of having twins. If a woman is having twins her uterus expands more than in case of single baby. Still there are some other factors as well that could alter the results.

Weight gain

Just as in case of the measurements, weight gain could also be one of the signs of having multiples. Still this isn’t a really reliable symptom because there are many factors that can influence weight gain.

Now you know a lot more about the possible signs of having twins.


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