Signs That You Are Pregnant With Twins

In case you are looking for signs that you are pregnant with twins, there are some that you should look for. Sometimes women simply feel that they are carrying twins. There are some factors that increase the chances of having twins, such as being over 30 or getting pregnant with the help of ART.

Signs that You Are Pregnant with Twins


Experiencing cramps is normal during any pregnancy, but if you are carrying twins, most probably you will experience more cramping than the woman carrying singleton pregnancies. This is because the ligaments have to stretch more to make room for the two babies.

Elevated heart rate

If you are interested in the symptoms that you are pregnant with twins, you should know that it is common for women to notice that they have elevated heart rates. Women say that they feel like they were constantly exercising. This may be the most important clue of them all.

Morning sickness

When it comes to the signs that you are pregnant with twins for sure you know that morning sickness is a normal symptom. However the problem becomes more serious in case of twin pregnancies. Nonetheless you have to remember that you could have really bad morning sickness in case of a singleton pregnancy as well.

High hCG levels

HCG is the hormone produced by the placenta. If you have twins most probably your hCG levels will be higher than expected. If the results are high over a longer period of time, most probably you will have twins.

Advanced signs that you are pregnant with twins

It is common for women pregnant with twins to notice the pregnancy symptoms that are supposed to appear only during the later stages of pregnancy. These symptoms include weight gain, round ligament pain or other kinds of discomforts.


In case you are curious about the symptoms of twin pregnancy you may often hear that women simply know. This isn’t something backed up by science, but in the majority of the cases women are right. If you also have this feeling, you may want to buy two of all the things one normally gets for the baby.

As you can see some of the signs that you are pregnant with twins are based on science, while others are just a feeling that can’t be explained.


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