What Are the Symptoms of Conception?

The earliest symptoms of conception are quite easy to miss especially if you don’t know what to keep an eye out for.

Nonetheless if you pay closer attention and you see several of the common symptoms, it may be time to make an appointment with your doctor.

Missed period and the conception symptoms

Naturally the most common symptom of this kind is the missed period, but it is also possible to see some of the signs even before you have your first missed period. This means that you could know earlier and you could have a test to make sure that you are really pregnant.

Symptoms of Conception

Implantation spotting

This is one of the conception symptoms that are often overlooked by women. Implantation spotting appears a few days after conception. Usually the spotting is light and the color could range between pink and brown. Normally it appears even before women are supposed to have their period.


This one is one of the earliest symptoms of conception. A lot of women mistake this one of the symptoms for the menstrual cramps and this is why they don’t realize at the early stages that they are pregnant. Usually these cramps are really mild.

Increased body temperature

It is a known fact that during ovulation the body temperature of women rises. This is a small change, but it indicates ovulation. As one of the conception symptoms, in case fertilization takes place, the body temperature remains raised, but if this doesn’t happen, it will drop.

Frequent urination

A lot of people know this as one of the symptoms of conception. Nonetheless it usually appears during the later stages in the first trimester. The frequent trips to the bathroom are caused by the pregnancy hormones, especially hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin.

Breast discomfort

The pregnancy hormones lead to some of the conception symptoms such as tender breasts.

This is a way for your body to prepare for childbirth. The hormones estrogen and progesterone handle milk production and they prevent lactation before the baby arrives.


This is one of the most bothersome symptoms of conception experienced during the first trimester. The new situation puts a lot of pressure on the body and so it is important to rest as much as possible. If you feel fatigued for days and you can’t find a reason for it, it is possible that you are pregnant.


In some cases women may experience dizziness as one of the conception symptoms. This usually appears if women stand up fast or when they are under a lot of pressure. In case the feeling of dizziness gets severe it is best to see a doctor because it could have some other causes as well.


This one of the symptoms of conception is also known as morning sickness and this is the most famous symptom of them all. According to specialists, the purpose of it may be to protect women against eating any spoiled food or coming in contact with any other harmful substance during pregnancy.


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