Symptoms of Pregnancy Hormones

In case you are thinking about the symptoms of pregnancy hormones, you should know that there are two hormones that do the most ‘damage’ inside your body during pregnancy: progesterone and estrogen.

These two hormones cause the majority of the pregnancy symptoms.

Symptoms of Pregnancy Hormones

Breast changes

Because at the beginning of pregnancy the levels of these hormones increases, the majority of women experience full, heavy, sore and tingly breasts. This is because the pregnancy hormones increase the blood flow to the breasts to prepare it for feeding the baby.

Heightened sense of smell

Another one of the pregnancy hormones’ symptoms is a heightened sense of smell. It is normal for women to feel attracted to some odors and to be repelled by others. It is also possible for certain smells to make women feel sick.


The bad news about this one of the symptoms of pregnancy hormones is that progesterone acts on the brain as a sleeping tablet. As a result women can be affected by extreme fatigue and drowsiness. On the bright side, the effects of the hormone will disappear during the second trimester as the body gets used to the changes.


When thinking about this one of the pregnancy hormone’s signs you should know that one of the effects of progesterone is to stop the smooth muscle of the uterus from contracting, making it possible for the uterus to push against the stomach. The hormone affects all the smooth muscles, making it possible for the stomach acid to get back into the esophagus.


As it has been mentioned before regarding the symptoms of pregnancy hormones, progesterone makes the muscles relax, including the muscles of the bowel. As a result gas can build up in the bowel, leading to a bloated feeling.

Pubic bone and hip pain

Progesterone can also cause pain in the bones. This is because it softens the cartilage. Remember that you have to carry around more and more weight and this is putting more pressure on your bones.

There are some other symptoms of pregnancy hormones as well that you should know about. The pregnancy hormones are responsible for one of the most dreaded symptoms of pregnancy: morning sickness, not to mention constipation and frequent urination. If you have a problem during pregnancy, for sure the pregnancy hormones are to blame.


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