What Are the Symptoms of Pregnancy?

Many women ask what the symptoms of pregnancy are. In case you know a lot about your body, it is easy for you to detect the symptoms of pregnancy.

In some cases these appear right after the embryo gets embedded into the lining of the uterus, while on other cases it takes weeks for them to appear.

Symptoms of PregnancyFood cravings

Although it is a cliché, the food cravings could turn out to be a sign of pregnancy. Still, since these are nonspecific symptoms, you shouldn’t rely on them. They should be accompanied by some other symptoms as well.

Darkening of the areolas

If the skin around the nipples gets darker it is possible that you are experiencing one of the pregnancy symptoms. Nonetheless this could also be caused by some kind of hormonal imbalance that has nothing to do with pregnancy.

Implantation bleeding

About 6-12 days after ovulation you may see some spotting or bleeding and experience abdominal cramping. This means that the egg is embedding in the lining of the uterus. It is also possible to see some spotting when you are supposed to have your period.

Frequent urination

After the embryo gets embedded, the forming placenta starts producing hCG that makes you go to the toilet more often.


In many cases pregnant women feel tired. This is caused by the hormones progesterone that makes you feel like you ran a marathon even though all you did was sitting in the office all day. This is a common symptom of pregnancy, but it is nonspecific.

Swollen and tender breasts

At the early stages of pregnancy the breasts become tender and sore like at the beginning of your period, but in this case the symptom is more accentuated. Once the body gets used to the changes, the signs of pregnancy will get better and you will hardly notice them.


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