Understand And Manage The Early Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms!

Pregnancy symptoms generally develop starting from conception to childbirth, as your body undergoes the changes that occur during the process of fertilization, implantation and growth of the fetus.

The early pregnancy sign and symptom develops 2-3 weeks after fertilization. Conception or fertilization normally takes place approximately two weeks prior to the commencement of your next menstrual period.

Generally, it takes a minimum of six days for the fertilized egg to reach the uterus from the fallopian tubes and another six days to implant completely in the uterus lining.Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Once the implantation process takes place successfully, your body starts releasing a pregnancy hormone called human gonadotrophin hormone (or HCG) into the blood stream. Initially, the production of HCG will be very low.

However, the amount of hormone production increases quickly as your pregnancy progresses. These high levels of pregnancy hormone affect your body and develop early pregnancy sign and symptoms during pregnancy.

In other words, the early pregnancy sign and symptoms develop due to the changes of hormone levels in the body during pregnancy. Remember that these pregnancy symptoms may also develop by other factors.

Some of the pregnancy symptoms can develop due to stress, illness, unhygienic diet or lifestyle behaviors (alcohol consumption, smoking, drug use).

For instance, morning sickness and breast changes (early pregnancy sign and symptoms) can occur due to virus, food poisoning or hormonal difference.

As most of the early pregnancy sign and symptoms can develop due to other factors, it is always better to confirm your pregnancy through your doctor.

The early pregnancy sign and symptoms will be different from woman to woman. The symptoms also vary from pregnancy to pregnancy.

For some, the early pregnancy sign and symptom develops within one week of conception while others may not develop more than few weeks or may not exhibit forever.

Understanding early pregnancy sign and symptoms that develop after conception is very essential to confirm pregnancy. It also helps prepare to deal with them during pregnancy.

The early pregnancy sign and symptoms can be common or uncommon. The early pregnancy sign and symptoms are:

Irregular menstrual period is the most common and significant early pregnancy sign and symptom to confirm your pregnancy.

However, you may also experience a light spotting during implantation process. This bleeding is also known as implantation bleeding. This symptom generally develops two weeks after fertilization.

Remember that missed menstrual period or spotting during pregnancy can make you confuse about confirmation of your pregnancy. So, it is always recommended to confirm your pregnancy through tests.

Change in breast and nipples, morning sickness, fatigue, mood swings, frequent urination, dizziness, food cravings, constipation, heartburn are some of the most common early pregnancy sign and symptoms.

On the other hand, excessive saliva production, spider vein, metallic taste, nasal congestion, leg cramping, frequent nose bleed, flatulence, and facial hair and pigmentation are some unusual early pregnancy sign and symptoms.

In addition to these early pregnancy sign and symptoms, there are several tests for your pregnancy confirmation, which can be performed at home or at doctor’s clinic.


  1. When I had pregnant for the fist time, I always got morning sick and hardly could had my breakfast. well, thank God I have gone through it all with the labor of my boy.

  2. Iam 19yr old
    and Iam not feeling hungry from past 5days,
    getting vomiting sensation..
    getting headache..
    feeling irritated..
    & from past 1 1/2 month no periods

    Can u please tell me the proper medicine


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