Weird and Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms You May Not Expect

Pregnancy is a time of discovery and new experiences. But some women tend to experience the sort of weird and unusual pregnancy symptoms that most of us wouldn’t even associate with pregnancy. Let us look at what some of those weird pregnancy symptoms could be:

1. A strange metallic taste in the mouth is sometimes one of the unusual pregnancy symptoms. It is called dysgeusia and it means distortion or change of one’s sense of taste. This can be unpleasant though it is of a piece with other pregnancy symptoms such as a heightened or altered sense of smell and so on.Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms

2. You may think that drooling is for infants but excessive salivation among expectant moms is another one of the weird pregnancy symptoms.

Salivary changes are also something that pregnant women occasionally experience. This is firstly due to the hormonal changes and secondly due to nausea and heartburn that are commonly experienced during pregnancy.

3. Hair changes are also common and thick luxuriant hair like you never had before may be among the more welcome of the unusual pregnancy symptoms you experience.

However some women find that in addition to the head hair there is an increase in body hair as well: chin, chest, arms, legs, nipples, you name it.

4. Of a piece with faster growing or thicker hair may be another one of the strange pregnancy symptoms: faster growing nails. If you have to clip your nails more often than normal now that you’re pregnant, you know what to blame.

5. Baby brain is what it is called and many women have it during pregnancy. Forgetfulness, confusion, the tip of the tongue feeling and general fogginess are among the other annoying and weird pregnancy symptoms that women may experience.

6. Nose bleeds and bleeding gums are among other strange symptoms women experience in pregnancy. This is due to dilation of blood vessels as the body is dealing with greater quantities of blood coursing through the veins and also due to the softening and swelling of the tissues such as the gums that result in bleeding.

7. Flatulence with foul smelling gas or even some rather uncouth seeming belching could be some of the embarrassing but unavoidable, unusual pregnancy symptoms. The progesterone hormones and slowing down of the digestive system could create digestive disturbances such as constipation, diarrhea and so on, but also, more distressingly, gas.

8. Clumsiness is another one of the unattractive and weird pregnancy symptoms. As your center of gravity changes and you grow ever larger, you find that you’re banging into things, and knocking things down with amazing regularity.

9. Excessive sweating and inability to take the heat is another one of the symptoms pregnant women experience. So if possible, plant to be approaching full term in winter.

10. If you’re very, very much in the mood suddenly now that your second trimester has started, don’t worry, that is very much normal.

The thing with unusual pregnancy symptoms is that all of them are going to disappear when the baby arrives; this too shall pass as they say. In the meantime, if your intuition says that something is not quite right, be sure to speak to your health care provider.



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