What Are the Symptoms of Pregnancy?

In case you are asking what are the symptoms of pregnancy you should know that each pregnancy is different and that you might not have all the symptoms that other women have, or you can have symptoms that other women don’t have.

What Are the Symptoms of Pregnancy

Light bleeding or spotting as a symptom of pregnancy

One of the earliest symptoms that women may notice is implantation bleeding. This occurs about 6-12 days after conception takes place and this is when the embryo gets implanted into the wall of the uterus. Besides the spotting you could also experience some cramping.

Delay of menstruation

The lack of a menstrual period is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms and this is the symptom that makes women take a pregnancy test. Sometimes women do notice some bleeding, but this is lighter and lasts for a shorter period of time than their periods.

Tender or swollen breasts

When thinking about the signs of pregnancy you should be prepared for having tender or swollen breasts. The symptom usually appears a week or two after implantation. This change is quite easy to notice because the breasts become tender or sore to the touch.

Tiredness and fatigue

Creating a new life is a demanding job, so it is natural to have this pregnancy sign. Your body has to work overtime to ensure the development of the baby and to maintain your activities. You should be prepared to notice this sign starting with the week after conception takes place.

Morning sickness

When asking what the symptoms of pregnancy are, a lot of women are thinking about this one. Morning sickness usually appears 2 to 8 weeks after conception. There are some lucky women who don’t experience this symptom while others suffer from it during their entire pregnancy.


If you experience pain in the lower back, it is one of the warning signs of pregnancy. After this you can expect to have some dull pain in the back as well and the bad news is that most probably you will suffer from it during the entire pregnancy, because there is a lot of strain on your back.


We all know that during pregnancy your body is taken over by the hormones and these cause a lot of different pregnancy warning signs, such as headaches. Usually the women who suffer from headaches before they get pregnant have higher chances of being affected during their pregnancy as well.

Frequent urination

It is common for women to have extra trips to the bathroom and this is one of the warning symptoms of pregnancy. The symptom appears during weeks 6-8 because of the pregnancy hormones and because the growing uterus puts pressure on the bladder, so that it can hold less urine.

Now you know what are some symptoms of pregnancy and you also know what to expect. Maybe it will be easier to handle these symptoms if you are prepared for them and they don’t catch you off guard or come by surprise.


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