What Are The Very Early Signs Of Pregnancy?

There are certain early signs of pregnancy that may manifest themselves even before a woman misses her first period, which is usually the first indicator of a pregnancy for most.

And or all of the checklist given below could be early signs of pregnancy that a woman could watch out for:

  • Just feeling pregnant. In this case, feminine intuition may not be an inaccurate indicator.
  • Tenderness/soreness/enlargement of breasts is among the very early signs of a pregnancy.
  • Nausea in another very early signs of pregnancy. Feeling queasy at any time not just in the morning is common.
  • Morning sickness. It is most common in the morning on an The Very Early Signs Of Pregnancyempty stomach but can actually strike at any time of day.
  • Strange and new cravings or aversions crop up. The aversions in particular may exacerbate an already sensitive stomach, causing nausea and even vomiting.
  • There may be marked changes in libido. While some women find they are at their most libidinous during pregnancy; some even experience orgasm for the first time when pregnant; others are totally put off by physical intimacy. Some women also experience painful sex at this time.
  • Spotting and light bleeding could actually and paradoxically an early sign of pregnancy. Typically a few days before one’s period is due, a fertilized egg will arrive into the uterus to implant itself into the lining. This often causes some light bleeding or spotting.
  • Having to go to the bathroom frequently. This is actually much before the uterus itself expands so much that it puts a lot of pressure on the bladder, but hormonal and other physical changes make one want to ‘go’ more often.
  • Another very early sign of pregnancy is the fact that many women feel tired more often even to the point of exhaustion and find themselves feeling sleepy at odd times.
  • Faintness and dizziness is also common since changes in blood pressure and dilation of blood vessels could have this result.
  • Many women feel bloated as though retaining extra water. Sometimes it is just the abdomen that feels bloated in a way that is similarly experienced prior to getting one’s period.
  • Some women experience small goose bump like appearances on the aureole of the nipple and this could also be among the early signs of pregnancy.
  • Many women find that they get headaches during the earlier part of their pregnancy; this is just one of the other things that changing hormones are doing to the body.
  • Mood swings, where one can feel emotional, broody and teary one moment and then feel happy and euphoric the next are also not uncommon among some women.
  • The body’s temperature rising is also a sign of early pregnancy.

While these are symptoms of pregnancy that are usually noted, there are other symptoms as well which may be unique to certain women. This is because each pregnancy is unique and special in its own way.


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