Things to Expect During the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Welcome to the special club called ‘motherhood’. Well the first time that you hear that you are pregnant, it might just be the best news you have heard in your entire lifetime and why not! Pregnancy brings with it a bundle of joys, excessive excitement about the future and too many things to be grateful about.  But before you get to hold your baby in your hand and feed him with baby bottles, there are several phases that you have to go through first.

Pregnancy is separated into three phases which are known as trimesters. Of these, the first trimester can be particularly challenging and new to face.  The following given part of the article will help you understand what to expect during the first trimester of pregnancy.

First Trimester of Pregnancy

  • The maximum changes that you observe in your body, in your mood and in your emotions happen in the first trimester.  When the initial excitement sets in, there are many other things that you will start feeling. Some may feel anxiousness and anxiety; some may feel excitement for what lies ahead while others may not feel all that well.
  • Some of the things that you can expect during the first trimester include fatigue, frequent need to urinate, nausea, headaches and food cravings. These symptoms start appearing near the time of the 4th week to the 6th week and go on for a while.
  • Apart from these physical changes, emotional changes just cannot be ignored during the first few months of pregnancy. It is interesting how our hormonal changes can lead to fluctuating emotions.  If you realize that the fluctuations in emotions is because of the chemical processes going on in the body, then you might be able to deal with them a little better. At one moment you may feel a lot of excitement and joy, while the other you may feel overwhelmed and afraid. It’ll all be like a roller coaster ride, which you will have to learn to ride along with. But every woman’s body works in a unique way and thus, the level of emotional changes varies from one to another.
  • You may also feel a sudden change in appetite and most of you may just have increased appetites. What you earlier used to like may just completely turn you off while foods you used to run away from may start looking tempting. Whatever your cravings are, it is best to give in but also make sure that you don’t over indulge in order to avoid gaining more than required weight.
  • Your body basically starts changing in shape during the second trimester, but certain small changes like change in breast size, increase in weight, and change in arm size may start appearing during the latter weeks of the first trimester. It is common to be a little frustrated with the growing size, but it is important to understand that a life is growing inside you and you have to go through the process to accommodate your baby well.

So without any worries, enjoy this wonderful phase of your life.

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