What 2012 Says About Trendy Maternity Clothes

Being pregnant isn’t something that women want to hide anymore. In fact, some women want to show their baby bump to the world and they choose their clothes accordingly. If you want some ideas for trendy maternity clothes all you have to do is to take a look at the pregnant celebrities.

Jessica Simpson and trendy pregnancy clothes

We have all seen Jessica Simpson when she was pregnant and we can’t say that she did any efforts to hide it. She appeared on the red carpet and she even opted for stretch clothes so that her bump would become more visible. She also showed women that there is no reason for pregnant women not to wear glittery dresses.

Trendy Maternity ClothesBesides the red carpet trendy pregnant women’s clothes there are a lot of other clothes to consider as well. For instance Jessica Simpson also rocked animal prints, not to mention the classic red dress. If you want to wear some tight clothes as well, make sure that your belly is comfortable.


We have to admit that the singer also rocked a lot of modern maternity clothes. Unlike Jessica Simpson, she opted for the loose fitting clothes. Instead of her baby bump, she used the color of the dresses to draw the attention upon herself. We can all remember her fabulous orange dress.

Naturally she also opted for glittery modern pregnancy clothes. One time we could have seen her with black glittery pants and a loose top of the same material. Naturally white is also a suitable color for pregnant women. Beyonce also opted for this color for a long loose dress.

Molly Sims

The celebrities usually choose modern pregnant women’s clothes for the events that they have to attend. Molly Sims preferred a combination of pink and red. With this dress she made a really good decision because the dress is loose enough for her belly to be comfortable.

Ada Nicodemou

The Australian actress also appeared in trendy maternity clothes on the red carpet. Just like Molly Sims, she also went for a long and loose dress. The deep blue color is really suitable for her and just as in the previous case her belly was comfortable in the loose dress.

Heidi Klum

Similar to Jessica Simpson’s trendy expectant mother’s clothes, she also chose to wear a black dress. This was a stretch dress that really enhanced the look of her belly. In order for the dress to have more personality, the top of the dress was enhanced with sequins.

Tori Spelling

The black modern expectant mother’s clothes are really popular among the celebrities, because the actress also opted for a dress of this kind. Usually the pregnant women opt for long dresses, but the shorter dresses also look good on them.

As you can see, there are a lot of different modern pregnancy clothes that you can choose from. No matter what you choose, the most important thing is for the dress to be comfortable and safe for you and the baby.


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