6 Pregnancy Tips for a Clever Baby

Every parent’s dream is that their child should be intelligent and healthy. For intelligent and smart baby a healthy mind is as must as a healthy body. Pregnancy is not just about carrying a foetus in the womb; it is also about foetus wellbeing both inside and outside the world. Your habits such as physical activity, food you eat, things you do, etc. everything will matters and that will impact on your baby’s growth and development. So, by adaption some new good habits during pregnancy will ensure your baby is healthy, smarter and intelligent.

6 Pregnancy Tips for a Clever Baby

Tips for Smart and Intelligent Baby

Here, are top 6 pregnancy tips for a cleaver baby. Start following them right now.


There is only a thin later between your baby and outside the world. Your baby can easily connect with your touch, by doing this it will extremely capable of soothing the nervous system. Constantly touch or rub your stomach with your fingers or palms upward and downward position.

2. Listen to Good Music

Listen to your favourite music, listen to the song or music which makes you relax and makes you free from stress and tension. Many studies have shown that listening to relaxing music can reduce the stress levels. There are many relaxation tracts available on net. Just plug in, relax and listen to them peacefully.

3. Surround yourself with positive things

Always, make a habit of doing positive things like watching, hearing, reading and doing good things. Reading a book or taking something good will impact on your baby. You baby will not come outside of your womb, but if you read positive affects will ensue. Your baby can recognise your voice when he/she is born. While there is evidence that infant learns in the womb, so reading regularly will improve fetal brain development.

4. Take some sunshine

For healthy growth and development of bones, baby should receive good amounts vitamin D. The process will start before the birth of the child. Every morning take sunlight for about 20-30 minutes. Go for morning walk; take some fresh air and sunlight. You may take vitamin D supplements, but natural source has its own magic.

5. Read before you sleep

Reading is always good, but reading night time is very beneficial and something special. . Reading during night times will improve your story telling techniques, it will be helpful for you in the future. By doing this you will release some good hormones which can do wonders on your baby’s brain.

6. Diet

It is an awesome feeling when you come to know that a new life is growing in your body, many people may suggest you different foods for healthy baby, but maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is important. A healthy and nutriotious diet not only helps you, but it will also help your baby in growth, strength and development. Remember, whatever goes in your stomach, your child shares it with you. So, avoid alcohol, junk food or harmful substances and replace it with lots of fluids, fruits, vegetables, cereals, etc.

Be it a healthy diet, physical activities or emotions or anther things, it will interact with your foetus inside your stomach and help in brain development. Adapting the correct lifestyle during pregnancy will guarantee that the genes are well programmed in the mother’s womb.


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