8 Male Fertility Facts

The process of sperm production in the testicles of a man is called spermatogenesis. The ability to produce sperm and regenerate is referred to as male fertility in broad terms. To begin let’s have a reality check, about one third of fertility cases/ instances are related to male fertility thereby abolishing the notion that fertility issues are mainly all about the females.

Though the sperm production in the males continues throughout their fertile life but the quality and the number of sperms starts to diminish mostly around the age of 40 years. This was just one fact about the fertility of a man. There are many other facts which are not known to all; hence here is the listing of many major male fertility (and infertility by consequence) facts:

male fertility facts

  • Many sexually transmitted diseases or genital infections such as gonorrhoea; Chlamydia etc. can adversely affect the fertility in men and can even lead to infertility. Though this sort of infertility can be treated as the infection is treated.
  • The male fertility/ infertility condition called Azoospermia refers to a situation where no sperm is produced by the male or the sperms produced do not appear in the semen.
  • The ticking biological clock is also ticking for the men. Meaning there is the same correlation between increasing age and decreasing ability to get pregnant for men as for women. A particular study has shown that while 8% men when below 25 yrs of age fail to get pregnant after a year of trying, the percent of men grows to 15% when beyond the age of 35 years.
  • This fact is pretty well known but its importance cannot be stressed on enough. So here it is once again- men need to stop smoking as well. Smoking has been medically linked to lower sperm count and also to lower mobility of the sperm. Thus to boost fertility men must give up smoking all together (just like women should).
  • Weight can actually affect the fertility in men. Being overweight or even underweight has been seen to cause hormonal disturbances and hence adversely affects fertility in men and women alike.
  • While most men go on rigorously exercising to achieve the good look and physique they must take note that too much or excessive exercising can hamper fertility in them. Yes, while doctors do not stop from stressing on importance of exercise they may forget to mention that too much of it can also lower your sperm count by lowering the level of testosterone.
  • While there are rumours that biking can hurt fertility in men, there is little to no evidence supporting that. The only evidence that may be found if at all is in case of those men who ride extreme hours on extremely coarse terrains, for a continued period of time.
  • Stress is the biggest enemy of fertility both in men and in women. While stress eats away ones brain cells there is more damage caused than just that. Stress can lead to series of fertility issues like erectile dysfunction, impotence and even hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis.


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