A Checklist For The Expectant Dad – Part 1

pregnancy tipsNo, we aren’t not talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger in the comedy sci-fi film, Junior, but about expectant dads who are hands on and involved enough in the pregnancy process to need a pregnancy checklist themselves on the way to becoming better dads:

1. Get informed. Apart from reading the usual baby books to know what the mother to be is going through and what is happening to the baby at a particular stage of development, it is a good idea to speak to other dads.

This helps expectant dads get practical tips and advice about what to expect, and dos and don’ts as regards the pregnant women and the pregnancy.

2. Get a health check up and make sure you are up to date on any required vaccines. This is not just for the sake of making sure that you don’t pass on any infection to the mom to be, but also for the health of the baby to be born.

Also many expectant dads may feel stress and anxiety, and this could take a toll on their health and wellbeing as well.

3. Don’t eat for two. While the expectant mother needs about 300 extra calories a day, the father does not! So don’t participate in the midnight pizza binges, or give share that sinful chocolate sundae that the mother to be has an urge to try.


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