All about Pregnancy Brain and its Solutions

Many ladies find it hard to remember minute details and face the trouble of forgetfulness often during their pregnancy. Pregnancy induced forgetfulness is identified by heath scientists as a part of various issues that may arise during this crucial time. Many pregnant ladies find it hard to remember even important things like doctor appointments and it is all attributed to the term pregnancy brain, which is a common phenomenon.

The forgetfulness during pregnancy is still argued among scientists and it is not experienced by all pregnant women alike. Some may feel average memory loss while some ladies forget major things during pregnancy. Hormones are considered as culprits here, as you go through a whole host of hormonal changes during this time.

pregnancy brain and its solutions

Causes of Pregnancy Brain

Most health experts attribute pregnancy hormones as the major reason for this kind of memory loss during pregnancy. Additionally, chances are there that you are deprived of your regular continuous 8 hour sleep during first and last trimesters. Your normal energy levels also seem to decline during this time which may affect the active functioning of your brain. All these come together to result in less activity of brain cells, and is a common phenomenon amongst pregnant woman. Pregnancy brain usually subsides just after child birth or few months after that.

Given below are some protective measures that you can take to deal with pregnancy brain:

Make a To Do List

Although it appears trivial, noting down things on a paper or on your phone can really help you track things. You can jot down things like appointment with doctor, timing of vitamin pills, phone calls to make, list of groceries and much more to this list and place it somewhere easily noticeable. It really helps to go easy with your brain as stressing and remembering complicate your memory.

Rely on a Back-up System

Instead of trying to do everything single-handedly, it is best to depend on others like your family and friends for jobs that you need to remember. It is best to ask others for searching things that you can’t locate or delegate them for some task to be performed in a while.

Choline-Rich Foods and Omega 3’s

According to health scientists, foods loaded with mineral choline are really beneficial for the brain function of you and your baby. DHA-rich foods are another source of nutrients which develops healthy brain for your baby as well.

Regular Exercise and Good Sleep

A healthy body can only have a healthy brain, and thus daily exercise and good sleep is essential to have a fit and active body. You can stick to a regular exercise regime as per your doctor’s advice and it really helps to get a good night’s sleep.

Beside the above measures, you need to know that ‘pregnancy brain’ is a very common condition among pregnant woman. Although it may be little scary at times, you can depend on your family and friends for support and deal the situation.


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