Baby Bumps And Bathing Suits: Getting Bikini Ready While Pregnant

If you are pregnant, there is no reason to deny yourself the fun of being outdoors in the summer weather. Many different varieties of maternity bathing suits are now available.

You may even be able to wear last year’s bikini! Just like any other time you are out in the sun, you should wear sunscreen. Take care to avoid getting overheated, and stay hydrated.

When it comes to getting ready to climb into a bathing suit, most women like to shave or wax their bikini area. Shaving your bikini area while pregnant will not harm you or your bumps

You should always use a fresh razor blade. Never share blades with others to avoid any possible risk of infection.

Always use a shaving cream or gel; it may help to choose one especially designed for the bikini area.

Using warm water, wet your skin thoroughly before you begin shaving. Shave in the direction of hair growth first, then apply more shaving gel and shave in the opposite direction of hair growth. Use a light touch and let the blade do the work.

After shaving, you should rinse your bikini area thoroughly, and gently pat dry. To minimize any possible skin irritation, apply fragrance-free powder.

If you experience a great deal of irritation, you can use a hydrocortisone preparation, or an after shave gel that is especially designed for the bikini area.

It is safe to continue getting a bikini wax while pregnant. However, you should be aware that it is more likely to be painful while you are pregnant.

Even if you are used to the pain that waxing the bikini area can cause, you will likely find it more painful while you are pregnant. Generally women who are already used to waxing tolerate the procedure better than women who are being waxed for the first time while pregnant.

For best results, choose a provider who is experienced in waxing pregnant women and uses hard wax. Try to schedule your appointment earlier in the day when your pain tolerance is likely to be higher.

If you have especially sensitive skin, you may ask your esthetician if they use a pre-waxing product designed to help decrease skin sensitivity.

Using fragrance-free powder, a hydrocortisone preparation, or an after waxing preparation will help soothe any irritation. If you experience severe swelling or bruising, talk with your health care provider.


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