Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

A baby shower is always something fun, but the baby shower decoration ideas could give you a bit of a headache. Luckily there are a lot of different materials that you could use and there are a lot of ideas that you could implement. Just choose the theme and choose the items accordingly.

Chandelier and cake stand skirt decoration ideas for baby shower

For this idea you just have to find seam binding of complementary colors. This is one of the easiest ways to implement the theme of the shower. In order to make the chandelier you just have to tie the seam binding to a wreath. The cake stand will also look better if you use bright colors for the skirt.

Baby Shower Decoration IdeasMirror

This is an easy baby shower decoration idea. The good thing about it is that you can use it as decoration for the shower but it can become a piece of decoration for the nursery as well. Just get a mirror with a wood frame.

Use glue attach to the frame building blocks. It’s not a must for all the blocks to come from the same set.

Paper lanterns

The paper lantern baby shower decorating ideas could help you set the mood for the shower. It doesn’t matter whether you have light in them or not, they will make the entire shower more festive.

You could use a few larger lanterns or have a lot of small ones for the same impact.

Flower arrangements

Flowers are always suitable for decorating ideas. In order to make them more interesting you should cut out butterfly shapes. Attach them to thin wires and place them in the bouquets. In the end they will look like they are flying around the blooms.


In order to use this one of the decoration ideas for the shower for the baby all you need is some tissue paper, wire and scissors. Use tissue paper of different colors and it is a good idea to cut the ends to different angles so that the pom-poms will look more varied.

Photo garland

As one of the baby shower decoration ideas, you could offer a sneak-peak into the childhood of the parents. There is nothing easier than creating a garland of photos from the childhood of the mother and father. Glue the photos to envelopes connected with a rope and secure it to the walls.

Ribbon lanterns

For this one, you just need simple box lanterns. Then take a ribbon and weave it through the lanterns. In order to add a nice and funny touch you should tie to the end of the ribbons cute little items such as pacifiers.

Balloon animals

You don’t have to think about expensive shower for the baby and decoration ideas. Just have a few helium filled balloons and attach to them features cut out of vellum. This is suitable because it doesn’t flop.

There are a lot of baby shower decoration ideas that you could use.


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