Best Baby Shower Favor Ideas

The baby shower could become one of the best memories of women as a mother. In order to make sure that the guests will also remember it they should come up with baby shower favor ideas that are unique. Usually women go for those ideas that make people smile.

Sweet flowers and ideas for baby shower

The favors can complete the theme of the shower or they can stand on their own. For this idea all you have to do is to fill mini pails with candy. In the end cut out flower shaped pieces of paper and push through it a lollipop so that it will really look like a flower.

Best Baby Shower FavorSpa favors

All women like some grooming from time to time. This one of the favor ideas for baby shower comes with a vinyl bag. Inside the bag women should find all the essentials: comb, soap, lip gloss, bobby pins, hair elastics, bubble bath and washcloth. The best thing about this favor is that it is practical.

Bouquet favor

The advantage of these baby shower favor ideas is that you can use the bouquets as centerpieces during the shower. When the guests leave they can become great favors. Make sure that you choose flowers with colors that are suitable for the color theme of the shower.

Tea cups

One of the most interesting baby shower’s favor ideas that you will find is to get some tea cups and saucers from a thrift shop and add to each of them a miniature myrtle tree. Add to each of the cups a tag with instructions. You can be sure that the guests will enjoy their favors.

Tea party

For pretty baby shower favor ideas, you should get some wooden boxes and fill them with French tilleul leaves and Japanese green tea leaves. Add some vellum paper. This should match the sex of the baby. This means that if you will have a girl you should use pale pink paper.


If you would like to make sure that you will have a lot of photos of the shower, think about disposable cameras as child shower favor ideas. The best thing about this favor is that you can find the cameras in many different colors. All you have to do is to add a ribbon to them.


If you happen to have a daisy theme for the shower, think of customized bubble containers as baby shower favor ideas. The paper bands can be customized with the name of the mother and also the due date. There are some other kinds of yellow white favors as well, like lollipops, paper cones and rubber ducks.

Bird’s nest

When thinking about special favor ideas for child shower consider getting a faux nest. Fill the nest with Jordan almonds coated with sugar that look something like eggs. Then add a tag to the nest with the name of the guest who is supposed to get the favor.

There are a lot of baby shower favor ideas to think about.


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