Ideas for Baby Shower Party Favors

One of the best part of a baby shower is offering (and getting) baby shower party favors. In case you are organizing a shower you may be looking for ideas and in this case you should consider all the things that people like and use them to come up with favors that will remind people of the event.

Flowers as party favors for baby shower

Everybody likes sweets, right? Starting from this idea you may think about getting mini pails and filling them with different kinds of candy. In the end take a paper daisy and insert a lollipop through it so that it will look like a real flower. This is a party favor that all the guests will appreciate and enjoy.

Baby Shower Party FavorsSpa

If you would like to offer something useful as party favors for baby shower then you could think about getting a vinyl package and filling it with essential items. These could include lip gloss, comb, soap, bobby pins, hair elastics, bubble bath and washcloth. This way the guests will be reminded of a pampering shower when they are traveling.


Is there anything nicer than a bouquet? The best thing about these baby shower party favors is that they can be used as centerpieces during the party and you could offer them as party favors when the guests leave. Make sure that you opt for flowers that are suitable for the theme of the party.

Tree cups

This is a really funny idea for party favors for baby shower. Get some tea cups and saucers and plant in each cup a small myrtle tree. It is also a good idea to add tags to the cups on how to care for the tree. Offering such a favor is really creative and you can be sure that the guests won’t just throw them in a drawer.


Japanese green tea leaves are really popular, and so you should consider them as baby shower party favors. Get some wooden boxes and fill them with tea leaves. Also don’t forget to wrap the boxes in colorful wrapping paper and in the end add a bow to each box.


You don’t necessarily have to think about expensive party favors for baby shower. The disposable cameras are quite cheap and they come in different colors. Just add a ribbon to them and this way you can make the guests take pictures at the shower to immortalize the event.

Bird’s nest as party favors for baby shower

Usually the organizers would like to make the guests smile through the baby shower party favors and to achieve this you could get some small faux bird’s nests and some egg shaped Jordan almonds with sugar coating. During the party you could use them to hold the place cards and offer them to the guests when they leave.


It is known that sweets aren’t good for our teeth, so you may be looking for some healthier party favors for baby shower. If this is the case, think about getting some small paper bags and decorate the edges. Once you are done fill them with seasonal fruits, such as cherry, according to the theme of the party.

Take a trip

Offer some more special baby shower party favors. In order to do this, get some fancy wrapping and wrap in it a bar of white chocolate. Secure the wrapping with a ribbon and in the end add a vanilla bean to make it look even more sophisticated.

Brunch and baby shower party favors

It is possible that the shower includes brunch and you could offer the recipes of the food to the guests.


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