Beauty Products To Dump During Pregnancy – Part 2

And here are some more beauty products to eschew during pregnancy:

  1. Heavy fragrances contain phthalates, some harmful some not so much. They can be dangerous and are not always disclosed on the contents label.
  2. The sticky and the stinky should be avoided. Chemicals can be inhaled or they can be absorbed into the skin through contact. Face packs that contain chemicals can be given the miss at this time.
  3. Prescription acne medications such as accutane, retin A and tetracycline are a no-no. If in fact you are using them, you should not get pregnant. Nearly a third of women who use accutane during the first trimester have babies with birth defects. acne medicationTetracycline, an antibiotic, causes gray teeth.
  4. Tattoos mean needles coming into contact with the blood stream, and risk of infection which you should be minimizing at this time. Instead make do with a natural temporary henna tattoo.
  5. Hair care: There is some evidence to suggest a link between hair spray and penis deformity. Try and skip the hair colors, the dyes and the highlights. If you just have to get your hair done, wait until the second trimester.


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