Beauty Treatments During Pregnancy – More Dos and Don’ts

It is ironical that pregnant women are perhaps more in need of some cosseting and pampering as they go through their 9 months, but it is pregnant women who have to be most careful about what they can get done in terms of beauty treatments.

In our previous post, we looked at the dos and don’ts regarding beauty treatments during pregnancy. Here are some more:

What is the safest method of hair removal in pregnancy?

Beauty Treatments During PregnancyMany women find a darkening or thickening of body hair in pregnancy, particularly on the belly, around the nipples and so on. Shaving is a simple and safe option, but women may need help to reach all areas of the legs as their belly grows larger.

Waxing may be a good option since it is longer lasting and doesn’t contain chemicals (like hair removal creams). However in pregnancy skin may be more sensitive if you’re considering a bikini wax be prepared for pain!

There are no studies about the safety of permanent hair removal methods like electrolysis and laser hair removal during pregnancy, so if possible, they can be avoided.( Hair Treatments )

What about facials and massages?

These can be wonderfully relaxing and soothing in pregnancy. However skin could be more sensitive during pregnancy and facial procedures such as chemical peels and acidic procedures should be avoided.

It is best to stick to a standard facial (no galvanic currents, or high frequency procedures) only and make sure that the aesthetician knows about the pregnancy.

Also body wraps and others that increase the body temperature should be avoided. Similarly hot baths, hot tubs, saunas and so on are a no-no in pregnancy because they can raise the body temperature and cause fetal problems.

A massage is a terrific way for pregnant women to relax and de-stress, but make sure that the masseuse is trained and experienced in pregnancy massage.

Is Botox safe in pregnancy?

Again this is not a subject, on which there is much research conducted, but equally there is no evidence to suggest that Botox treatments circulate through the body or cause harm to a baby. But many experts advise against specifically against this procedure in pregnancy. Then again pregnant women, with their pregnancy glow may not need Botox either!

Are tanning beds and self tanners safe?

There is conclusive evidence to show that tanning beds are harmful; pregnant or not. During pregnancy they should avoided for an additional reason: they could raise body temperature. Self tanning lotions may be a better idea and there is nothing to show that they could cause any harm to a developing fetus.




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