Beauty Treatments During Pregnancy – Dos and Don’ts

With the amount of advice that pregnant women typically get about what they can and cannot do, it can be bewildering to decide what beauty treatments are safe to get and what are not. We look at some dos and don’ts relating to beauty treatments in pregnancy:

Is a manicure OK to get during pregnancy?

Most experts agree that manicures are quite harmless and may be very enjoyable for tired, swollen, feet of pregnant women. However the things to watch out for is hygiene, sterilized instruments and that there are no cuts or nicks sustained.

Also the vapors of acetone and other chemicals that may be present in the salon (treatments that others are undergoing at the same time) are avoidable during pregnancy so proper ventilation during a manicure is something else to watch out for. Also avoid acrylic nails.

Beauty Treatments During Pregnancy Can you color your hair in pregnancy?

The simple answer here is, if you can avoid it, defer the procedure until after your pregnancy. Otherwise there is really no concrete evidence to show that hair coloring during pregnancy is harmful.( hair treatment)

Is bleaching of teeth OK in pregnancy?

The teeth bleaching process involves oxidation that could be harmful to cells, but as yet there are no known risks to the unborn baby. However here as well, since the data available is insufficient it is best to err on the side of caution and to postpone bleaching of teeth until after pregnancy.

Also any over the counter or prescription dental products that are used during pregnancy, should first be cleared with the doctor to confirm that they are OK to use during these nine months.

Is perming or rebonding permitted during pregnancy?

These are harsh chemicals that alter the chemical structure of the hair, but there is no conclusive evidence to indicate that these processes are to be avoided during pregnancy. However pregnant women should know that the hormonal changes in the body can alter hair structure and texture so that a process such as curling or straightening may not hold as well.

Are tattoos OK in pregnancy?

The attendant risks of procedures involving needles are something to consider because a woman has lowered immunity in pregnancy and may be more vulnerable than usual to infections such as Hepatitis B and so on. As for the effects of tattoo dyes or inks on the fetus; little is known about negative impact if any. Also remember that stretch marks can affect tattoos; which can become misshapen and discolored because of weight gain and stretched skin.

Are depilatory creams OK to use?

According to experts, hair removing creams are Ok to use because little if any of it is absorbed by the skin. To be extra safe, leave it on the skin only for the time directed and no longer; and avoid breathing in the fumes as much as possible.


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