Some Beauty Treatments to Avoid when you are Pregnant

Becoming pregnant means your body is and will undergo many hormonal and physical changes. Many expecting mothers suffer from serious low self esteem as the figure is no longer as alluring as it used to be, the feet looks tired, some also get dark circles and other skin and beauty related troubles.

Pregnancy is a phase when the mothers should essential feel good about themselves and looking good is also a part of that. Trips to beauty parlor at the same time can be tiring but there are some beauty treatments, that you need to avoid while you are pregnant. Here are some information about these treatments –

some beauty treatments to avoid when you are pregnant

Beauty Treatments to be Avoided when you are Pregnant

It is better to tell your spa or parlor that you are pregnant, so that they can take special care about the pregnancy. Apart from that, you should stay away from the beauty treatments mentioned below –


One of the few beauty procedures, which you completely need to avoid is electrolysis. However, if you must do it, make sure, the type of current is determined with enough care. You should avoid the galvanic current since it passes through the whole body.


Massaging can be very relaxing during the pregnancy. However, it is important that you let your masseur/ masseuse know that you are pregnant, so that they take extra precaution for the massage. Many spas do not recommend massage during this time. It is better that you do not select any experimental procedures, or a new masseur during this period, since improper massage could be bad for you and your child’s health.

Dyeing the Hair

A lot of people want to know if it is safe to dye your hair during the pregnancy. Accumulation of too much color on the hair can be harmful for your health, thus it is generally advisable to avoid dyeing the hair during the first trimester of pregnancy. Also the pungent smell can make a pregnant woman feel nauseated. If you have to dye your hair, choose highlighting instead, during pregnancy. Also make sure that you use colors with least amount of chemicals present, and keep it for the minimum time.


Many women have pain in their feet, and thus pedicure can be a good experience, during the pregnancy. Like the other spa treatments, it is essential for you to tell the person doing the pedicure, that you are pregnant. Reflexology states, that during pregnancy, some of the pressure points should be left untouched. If the person is an expert, he or she will be able to give you a relaxing pedicure. Otherwise, avoid pedicure during pregnancy.

Treatment that Leads to High Body Temperature

It is better to avoid a treatment that leads to high body temperature. Thus it is always best if you can avoid beauty treatments, such as saunas, heat wraps, steam rooms, etc, while you are pregnant.

Thus make sure to avoid the above given beauty treatments and also take precautions while getting the others done.


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