Benefits of Taking Tour of Maternity Hospital Before Delivering

During pregnancy, there are many things that a couple needs to plan and consider. Among these things, one is selecting the best possible maternity clinic or hospital.  Once you have selected the birthing center, it is very important to take a tour of it before the delivery date so that both you and your husband are prepared and so that there are no last minute glitches when the labor starts.

Taking a tour of the hospital is especially very important if you are planning to deliver at a multi-specialty clinic or medical facility with different departments or blocks. The following are some of the reasons why taking tour of the maternity hospital before delivering is a good idea:

benefits of taking tour of maternity hospital before delivering

  • One of the biggest benefits of touring the hospital or maternity clinic before the due date is that it helps to curb the anxiety a little bit which both you and your partner might be experiencing. During pregnancy, one goes through a lot of emotions and anxieties and one of them includes whether one has chosen the right facility for giving birth. All your anxieties can be diminished if you yourself check out the rooms, the nursery and the other part of the facility.
  • Visiting or touring the facility can really prepare the would- be parents for the birth and can also help them decide how early would they need to leave the house on the due date so that they are not late. This helps them to be familiar with the floor plans, the reception, the rooms etc.
  • By taking a tour of the maternity hospital, one can really learn about the various policies that the hospital follows such as where to park, how to call the doctor, where to go when you arrive for the delivery, where to buy the medications etc. from and others. Also, one can be made aware of the hospital’s visiting hours by taking a tour so that they can inform the relatives who might want to visit once the baby is delivered.
  • Another reason why taking tour of the hospital is a good idea during pregnancy is that it allows the would be parents to pre-register themselves on a possible date of delivery so that they are allotted a time and a room. This helps especially in case of busy hospitals.
  • Taking tour of a maternity hospital is a good way to familiarize yourself with its atmosphere so that both the parents have no problems adjusting for the 2-3 days that they are going to spend there. It also helps to get to know the hospital staff or maternity department staff. Afterall, the more familiar you are with the surroundings, the less intimidating it will be on the day of the delivery.
  • You will also be able to learn about other things such as cell phone usage, Wi-Fi facility offered, restaurant or cafes present at or near the hospital so that you can plan your stay accordingly.


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