The Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Being pregnant is major news, but telling the people around you isn’t as simple as it may look at first. In case you would like to make sure that it is a memorable moment, here are some pregnancy announcement ideas.

Becoming grandparents

The majority of people like those ideas for pregnancy announcement that include a lunch or dinner. In such a case you could get something for the future grandma that says ‘I Love Grandma’. This could be a mug or a bib or anything else that you like. You can expect for the future grandmother not to understand at first, but then come the tears and emotional display.

Social media as an idea for pregnancy announcements

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If you would like to let many people know in a short time, all you have to do is to use the social media, such as Facebook. Just take a photo of the pregnancy test and post it.

Since your friends get notifications every time you do something, you can expect to have a lot of messages in a short while. This might be the best one of the pregnancy announcement ideas for those who love the digital world.

Getting creative

If you would like to find an idea for pregnancy announcement in case of those people who are really close to you, you should get less formal. As an example you could give your friend or sister a box of tampons and say that you are giving them away because you won’t need them in the following nine months. After a few seconds they will know what you are talking about.

With the family

Family reunions offer the best pregnancy announcement ideas. As an idea for pregnancy announcement you could make a T-shirt for your kid or for the dog that gives a hint. For example the child could have ‘Brother in training’ and the dog could have ‘Not again’ or something of the sort. It could take some time until everybody understands the hint.

Father’s day

If you are looking for pregnancy announcement ideas in case of the father, then you should know that there are a lot of women who opt for baby clothing. Sometimes it is enough to have a pair of baby slippers, but there are also some that come with a funny message, such as ‘Tax deduction’. These work out the best for those who are working in the field.

Sweet surprise

As an idea for pregnancy announcement you should know that it’s not only clothing that can send a message to the people around you. For instance in case of a dinner you could offer to bring the dessert and get a cake or an ice cream cake that says something about pregnancy. You can be sure that it’s going to be sweet delight to the future grandparents.

You could use these pregnancy announcement ideas but you could also come up with something original that reflects your personality or that the people around you will understand and have fun while receiving the good news.


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