The Reasons to Attend Childbirth Classes

Just as the name suggests, having childbirth classes might be a great way to learn more about your pregnancy and childbirth. In the majority of the cases the classes last for 8 weeks with weekly sessions and they are made up by discussions, lectures and exercises all led by an instructor.

Information about classes for childbirth

Although one class could differ from another, the main goal is the same – to educate parents so that they will make informed decisions and to make sure that women aren’t afraid of the childbirth process. People also learn different techniques of relaxation to make it easier for them to cope.

Childbirth ClassesUsually the hospitals offer such classes for childbirth but you could also find an individual organization or instructor. The classes could be intensive courses that start early during your pregnancy and continue all the way to the postpartum period, but you could also have some other kinds of classes too.

It is important for the childbirth classes to cover signs of labor, techniques of relaxation and coping with pain, the progress and process of labor and birth, when to call the midwife or doctor and how your partner could help you during labor and delivery.

Even more, the classes for childbirth could also cover the most common complications and the ways to handle them. You will also see pictures of the vagina in case of vaginal birth or C section. In the same time these classes should also teach you about breastfeeding and caring for the baby.

The childbirth classes also come with a bonus – you can make friends. This is a great chance to meet other women in the same situation as you are in and who will have children the same age as your baby. In some cases the participants stay in touch for long periods of time.

Kinds of classes for childbirth

According to where you live, it is possible that all sorts of classes are available to you. Before you sign up for one of the classes, you should do some research regarding the methods used to make sure that the information you get will be really useful for you.

As an example regarding childbirth classes, if you would like to give birth without an epidural you should be looking for instructors that teach you methods of coping with pain naturally. On the other hand, if you will have painkillers, you don’t need an instructor who is against pain management drugs.

Lamaze classes for childbirth

According to official information, the main point of these classes is to teach women that they are able to bring a baby into the world. For this they teach the participants different kinds of coping techniques, such as breathing methods. According to the philosophy of the classes, birth is natural, normal and healthy.

Nonetheless you shouldn’t think that these childbirth classes are against the use of drugs. They also teach women about different kinds of intervention and medication so in case it is needed they can make an informed choice.

Bradley method

According to the classes for childbirth, with this method, birth is a natural process and during the preparations for childbirth women don’t really need medication or interventions. They focus on diet and exercise during pregnancy and they also teach breathing techniques to cope with pain.

Just as the other kinds of childbirth classes, in this case it is also important to involve the father or the partner into the process so that he will be able to support the woman along the road. This is why you might like this one of the methods.


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