Choose Your Footwear With Care During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy alas is not the perfect time to indulge yourself in terms of glamorous footwear. It is the time for sensible shoes that offer comfort and support and also help you balance better at a time when your center of gravity is shifting and you are feeling heavy and unwieldy. Here are some pregnancy footwear tips to keep in mind:

  • Go barefoot whenever possible. This will minimize any cramping of the foot and your toes feel free.
  • Don’t wear knee high socks or garters and stocking with elastic bands because they can impede blood flow and even cause blood to stagnate.
  • Low heeled shoes are best to try and avoid high heels altogether for these few months.
  • The heels should be low and wide and should have good arch support.
  • If you are getting trainers remember to get the sorts that are slip-ons, rather than the kind that need you to tie laces. This lace tying business could be difficult as your pregnancy progresses.
  • Low heeled sandals and canvass shoes are a great idea, particularly in summer, since they are comfortable, let your skin breathe and don’t pinch.
  • Get the kind of shoes that allow for stretching in case your feet swell.


  1. When I was single and before pregnancy, I am a person who really loves wearing high heels. Yes, I am good at it even though in dancing. When I got pregnant, it was really stupid that I was wearing still in high heels. My husband really bought me flat footwears.


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