Coloring Hair While Pregnant – Is It Really That Bad?

The majority of women dye, bleach or color their hair, and if you do too, you may get a bit worried about coloring hair while pregnant. Nonetheless you should know that the majority of the products that you can find on the market today are safe to use even during this special period.

Information about hair coloring during pregnancy

In the majority of the cases, the doctors suggest women to be careful about substances of this kind during pregnancy. This is because the coloring agents are absorbed by the scalp and they get into the bloodstream. For this reason some of the doctors say that it’s not such a good idea in every trimester.

Coloring Hair While PregnantIn many cases regarding hair coloring during pregnancy the doctors say that women should wait until the first trimester ends. This is the time when the baby develops at the fastest pace, involving important neurological developments. You could go on coloring your hair starting with the second trimester.

Coloring your hair at home

If you are thinking about coloring hair while pregnant, you should be looking for the products that come with few added chemicals, and make sure that you do this in a room that is well ventilated. Also it is important to keep in mind to use gloves when you are handling the substances.

In case you opt for hair coloring during pregnancy at a salon, it is best to make the appointment for the least busy day of the salon i.e., early in the morning. This way you can be sure that there will be little substance in the air, and you won’t be exposed to that many agents.


When it comes to coloring hair while pregnant, you may not want to take chances with coloring all the hair. In this case one of the greatest alternatives is to have some highlights. The good news in this case is that there is no need for the chemicals to get in direct contact with the scalp.

In case the chemicals don’t get to the scalp when you think about hair coloring during pregnancy, there is no way for them to enter the bloodstream and to harm the baby in any way. In this case you also have the possibility to let 8 weeks pass between your visits to the salon, and nobody will notice.

Easing up with the treatments is a good idea regarding coloring hair while pregnant. In this case you may want to choose a semi-permanent dye, with little or no ammonia and little or no peroxide. These products have less harmful chemicals and they work well with other agents, covering your roots up.

Another option that you have when it comes to hair coloring during pregnancy is to be using color enhancing shampoos. The main point is for the shampoo to protect the color of the hair and this means that you will have to dye or color your hair less often.

Hair mascara is another good idea that you may like regarding coloring hair while pregnant. This comes in tubes and it is a temporary coloring agent that comes with a wand that looks something like the mascara. You just have to apply the product on the outer layers, so it doesn’t get in contact with the scalp.

The best thing about these products, when it comes to hair coloring during pregnancy, is that they are safe. There are also the spray options, but only in case there aren’t any fumes that you could possibly inhale.

There are a lot of options in case you are interested in coloring hair while pregnant.


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