Create A Pregnancy Scrapbook

One of the fun things that you can do while you are waiting for your little bundle of joy to arrive is, create a scrapbook or diary of your pregnancy.

If you have been trying to get pregnant and you do, you are probably thrilled at the prospect of being pregnant and a mother soon thereafter.

Creating a scrapbook to record and the important occurrences during your pregnancy could be fun to do right now and will make for every interesting reading later, for you as well as your baby. You can include: pregnancy scrapbook

  • Record how you found out and how you felt.
  • You can record your symptoms such as morning sickness, specific cravings and funny things you felt and did during the time.
  • You can attach the ultrasound reports and images that the technician gives you and the visual progression of the entire pregnancy. Take pictures every month to see how you changed from month to month. If you cried the first time that you saw your baby on the pregnancy monitor, record the fact.
  • You can record any funny episodes that happened during pregnancy, funny things that were said or strange reactions.
  • You can note down when you first felt baby move inside you and how you felt


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