How to Make a Creative Baby Shower Invitation

The good news about the baby shower invitation is that the possibilities are endless. All you have to do is to get creative and to let your imagination flow. You could get something connected to the gender of the baby or that has something nice on it, such as butterflies, beetles or toy cars.

Diaper pin and invitations for baby shower

These invitations are very sweet and they are easy to create. Just as you may have thought the focal point of the invitation is the diaper pin. You can use real pins that are cheap but that make people smile. The pin is suitable for any theme that you could choose. Also it is suitable for any color scheme.

Baby Shower InvitationAll you need for the baby shower invites are cardstock in the size that you want, decorative papers, craft and glitter glue, diaper pins, paper punch, ribbon and glue runner. Naturally you could also use some other decorative elements, not only ribbon, but this is a classic piece of decoration and it comes in many different colors.

Ultrasound baby shower invitation cards

If you would like to have really unique invitations, you should use an ultrasound picture of the baby and some decorative paper. Again you need cardstock, embellishment papers, paper edges, and adhesive or glue runner. Just as in the previous case, you could also add some ribbon around the card to make it look nicer.

Diaper invites for baby shower

This kind of invitation is very cute and truly unique. All you have to do is to get the diaper template, print it out and cut it out by hand. Use some decorative paper for the diapers. Make sure that the diaper stays in place using diaper pins. You could also add a tag to the pin saying the gender of the baby.

In order to make the invitation cards for the baby shower even more interesting you could add some glitter to it or some ribbons. The design is truly versatile since you could use just any kind of decorative paper and there are many further decoration options that you could choose.

Footprint motif baby shower inviting cards

It is also a good idea to create a baby shower invitation with tiny little footprints. If you are wondering how to make the footprints, you just have to get messy and consider finger painting. If you have children this could be a great project for them. Remember that children love projects and they just love to get messy.

Simple and easy invitation for baby shower

If you don’t want to work too much with the invitation or simply you aren’t looking for an elaborate project, you should just get invitations in one color, according to the sex of the baby. If you will have a girl you should have pink invitations and opt for blue if the baby is a boy.

As you can see there are a lot of different options regarding baby shower invitation cards that you can choose from according to the time you have.


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