Creative Ways To Announce Pregnancy – Proclaim Your Good News!

If you’re pregnant, you are likely to have one of two very different reactions. One, you may want to hug the news to yourself and your partner just for a little while; not tell a soul yet simply because it is your own very special news, and you just want to savor it, of because of some belief or superstition.

creative ways to announce pregnancyOn the other hand, you may not want to wait at all before you announce your happy news to all and sundry; to share your joy and sense of happy expectation.

But also you want to use some creative ways to announce pregnancy – perhaps the old fashioned and boring ways are not quite your style?

You may want to announce your news at once of you may want to wait till the end of the first trimester (when the rate of miscarriages is the highest)  or even later, but then when you do make the announcement, here are some fun and creative ways to announce pregnancy –

First make the announcement to the most important person in a special way.

Announce your news to your partner by creating some special ‘Us’ time – a home cooked meal had to candle light, a romantic evening out or even a hand written letter. Isn’t this a fun and creative way to announce pregnancy?

Otherwise you could just show him the pregnancy test – not having to say a word. And then spend the evening watching an appropriate film such as Nine Months, 3 Men and a Baby, Look Who’s Talking or Father of the Bride II, to round it off. Video Tape the Moment.

The most direct and unequivocal way to announce a pregnancy is verbally and in person. Start with whoever you think is most important to inform first (perhaps the grandparents to be?) and then go over with a handy cam.

Announce your news and catch their reactions for posterity – surprise, shock, happiness, delight. They will all make for delightful viewing some years down the line.

Send a funny card

Yet one more of the creative ways to announce pregnancy is that you can send these by physical post to those of your circle who may be technically challenged (perhaps your grandma doesn’t even have a computer), or you can email funny and entertaining pregnancy announcement cards to people sharing your news. Dear —–, I cannot wait to meet you in 8 months, lots of love, your granddaughter to be / your niece to be and so on.

Or send out a gift certificate that says something cute like Good for one Grandbaby and so on. You can either download one from the net or create one on your computer. Here’s an idea – if you have dog, take its picture and then create a voice bubble that says I’m going to be a big sister / brother.

T shirt Announcements

You can have t shirts made for all the family, in their sizes and with appropriate lettering on them. They can say Grandpa to be, or Future Big Sister or Uncle to be and so on.

Say Cheese

If you’re looking for creative ways to announce pregnancy to, say, your mother, consider this – Take her with you for a photo shoot and then tell the person taking the picture not to say the usual “Say Cheese”. Instead tell them to say “Say —- is Pregnant”. Then click the picture while that priceless look is still on her face!

Create a Website

It can be as simple and direct or as roundabout as you want it to be. It is one of the very creative ways to announce pregnancy directly “We’re Pregnant” or you can write about your feelings, how you found out, all the details of your pregnancy and even put up baby’s first sonogram picture!


  1. wow, great ideas. Additionally, you can also video tape the message and then throw a family gathering where you play the tape to announce that you are pregnant.


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