Dealing With Exhaustion During Pregnancy

While some women sail through pregnancy without feelings of exhaustion, others are laid low by feelings of tiredness. The following should help cope:

  • Admit that you need some extra rest. Pregnancy is a physically stressful time and women do need extra rest during this time. Try preponing bedtime so that you can get some extra rest.  If possible take a short nap in the afternoon or at least have a lie down and put your feet up for a bit. This will also help with any possible swollen ankles and water retention.Exhaustion1
  • Perhaps you could do with some extra help from others so don’t be shy or proud to ask for it. You may be surprised at how willing people are to help.
  • Get quality sleep. It is not only how much but how well you sleep and take any opportunity to rest and rest well.
  • Eat energy giving food. Whatever you eat should be high in nutrition but not necessarily high in calories. It should contain the requisite nutrients and rather than give a burst of energy to begin with, should offer sustained energy over longer periods of time.
  • Exercise. This boosts your metabolism and circulation so that rather than make you feel tired, it will increase your energy levels.


  1. Pregnancy is the most satisfying experience in a woman’s life.There are some excellent tips in dealing with tiredness during pregnancy.All of them are true.Thanks!


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