6 Major Differences Between Your First And Second Pregnancy

Getting pregnant with a second child is a significant difference than being pregnant with the first one. During your first pregnancy, you will be in seventh heaven as you are getting a new experience on a daily basis. Excellent care by you along with your family is taken and can do couples of things you are asked to do by your mom. But in a second pregnancy, the experience is different from the first one.

6 Major Differences Between Your First And Second Pregnancy

Significant differences between First and Second pregnancy

1. Eating

Eating will bring out significant differences in first and second pregnancy. In the previous pregnancy, you are instructed to eat balanced diet along with going through yoga and workouts for the mother’s body and her baby. Mothers are told to intake liquid instead of solid food as it will take time in digestion part.

They are also instructed to rest more which is best for mother and baby. But in case of second pregnancy mother’s become lazy, as they have to look after their first child also so they give less attention on their diet. Whatever they are cooking for their child will eat that only instead of making something special for them in pregnancy period.

2. Clothing

This is also one of the main differences which is noticed in case of first and second pregnancy. In case of the first pregnancy, you are preparing clothes in advance including baby diapers, oil and cream. You are getting ready for summer as well as for winter stuff including caps, sweaters and jackets. You were excited about collecting all these things for your baby.

But in second pregnancy you are not entirely active in doing all things. For clothes, you will not prepare any clothes for baby as the clothes of the first child is kept so you will make your baby to wear all that stuff of your first child rather than taking new clothes for the baby.

3. Delivery preparation

In case of first pregnancy, you are free as you only have to take good care of you and your husband, so you can plan efficiently for delivery. You can make bag before 15 days by keeping all the essential things in that required by you after your delivery. You can make a note of small things that needs to be carried by your husband at the time of delivery.

But in case of second pregnancy, you are not fully active as in case of first one. You become dull at the end of the day, and when it comes to preparation part, you put all things without taking note of important things.

4. Caring part

In case of first pregnancy special care has been made by you along with your family members. You are instructed to eat and sleep on time rather than moving here and there for extra work. You are also taught to plan your daily routine and should take necessary diet during the day followed by different workouts which will keep them healthy and fit.

But in case of second pregnancy, less care is taken by you as you become careless and will not plan things accordingly as you have to look your first baby too and help them in their study part. All these things will make you lazy and you will not take special care as you did in your first pregnancy.

5. Maternity and nursing clothes

In case of first pregnancy, women are crazier about maternity and nursing clothes. They love to have these clothes as it will give them good experience in entire period. But in case of second pregnancy, you will not go shopping for maternity and nursing clothes as it was kept with you before when you are pregnant for the first time.

6. Saving part

In first pregnancy, you are about to spend nicely without moving for saving part. You are planning for toys along with other accessories. But in case of second pregnancy, you are more prone to protect as you also have to look your first child needs and keeping their toys for the second child.

7. Pictures

In case of first pregnancy you were taking many pictures every month to keep beautiful memories but in case of second pregnancy you are not clicking any photos for the same. It creates a significant difference between first and second pregnancy.

Thus above all are major differences which are noticed by every woman in first and second pregnancy.  Women are more excited in the first pregnancy, but in the second pregnancy, she is not excited as they got to experience before in first pregnancy.


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