Don’t Have a Gift for the Mother to Be? Here’s an Idea

Your significant other is pregnant, and you have just realized that it is Valentine’s Day and you have no plans or gift to mark the occasion! While you could dash out and get the first clichéd thing that you can lay your hands on – chocolate, flowers, pink balloons or whatever or you can use this great idea to treat your pregnant valentine –

prenatal massageA prenatal massage is something that helps a person relax and feel better and pampered; also it is good for the yet to be born baby! Certificates for a massage from a licensed prenatal masseur can be available online as well as elsewhere.

In the early parts of the pregnancy, massage can help lower stress and anxiety and help with de-stressing and relaxation.

As the pregnancy progresses, massage can have the additional benefit of helping to manage the various aches and pains that pregnant women typically start to suffer.

In the last stages of pregnancy, massage and other therapies such as acupressure or acupuncture can even help stimulate production of certain hormones – after week 40 of the pregnancy, they could help induce labor as well.

And if you want to add chocolate to the prenatal massage, that is a good idea too; this is also recommended to reduce certain pregnancy complications!


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