7 Ways to Enjoy your Vacation When you are Pregnant

A lot of women consider themselves trapped when they are pregnant since travelling may not be allowed for maximum part of the pregnancy and because having a vacation with the sickness, body aches and so many complications may pull them down. But there are many ways to enjoy a vacation even when you are pregnant.

Sure, there are a few activities which you must keep yourself away from, but on the other hand there is so much you can still enjoy. The following are the 6 top ways to enjoy your vacation when you are pregnant:

enjoy your vacation when you are pregnantPack Peppermints

If you wish to feel healthy, fine and fight of the morning sickness on your vacation, make sure you pack some peppermint in your handbag. Peppermint is the one number cure for fighting the morning sickness and can be found on almost every grocery store. So just stuff some with you and forget about morning sickness pulling you down during your vacation.

Embrace the Sundress

Make sure you pack a sundress with you if you are planning a vacation during the summer months. A sundress can make you feel comfortable and cute because it is so loose and fun! Pick a nice bright Colour.

Do Nothing!

A vacation is that one time of the year when you are free from duties. So make sure you give yourself the permission to do absolutely nothing but just relax, soak the feeling of the destination and have a lazy and fun time. This will give you time to calm your mind, forget about your pregnancy tensions and be in the moment with your partner or loved ones.

One Drink is Okay!

Yes, alcohol is not allowed during pregnancy but you can try to have a small drink. Yes, a little amount of alcohol will do you or your baby no harm. If you think that you can stop at that one drink, so go ahead but if you think you won’t be able to control, then avoid.

Go Shopping!

Another thing that you must do to enjoy your vacation to the fullest during pregnancy is go shopping! Shopping is not just a great way to feel good but will also help you avoid the terrible mood swings and may actually prove useful. Buy yourself some maternity clothes or get a few cute things for the baby but go pamper yourself!

Indulge Yourself

This vacation may be the one last time you can do whatever you want before the baby arrives. Once the baby comes, you may not get time to indulge yourself in massages, satisfying food cravings and spending time with your partner alone. So pick that book up and head to the beach or book yourself a pregnancy spa!

Keep the Romance Alive

Romance may have taken a back seat in the initial few months of pregnancy but do make sure you plan something special and romantic with your husband. Go out on a dinner date or spend a quiet evening by the pool.


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