Fertility Tips To Get Pregnancy Quickly!

Want to increase the odds of getting pregnancy sooner? Conceiving a baby is one of the most difficult things after facing events in most of the couples’ life.

For some women, getting pregnancy is relatively easy, but for some others conception is an elusive process.

In your each menstrual cycle, there is only 20% chance of getting pregnancy.

The most important key for conceiving is following proper timings. The first step in getting pregnancy is to know about your menstrual cycle.

Here are the fertility tips to help you in getting pregnancy quickly:

Take the helps of ovulation prediction kit:Fertility Tips

Utilize an ovulation calculation kit. This helps you to know before 24-48 hours about your ovulation. So, you can plan time for trying to conceive. If the test result is positive then you can participates in the intercourse on the same day and the day after. [Ovulation Calendar]

Having sex at the right time:

Having sex every alternating day during your fertile days will help you in getting pregnancy quickly. The most important thing you need to remember is having sex at the right time.

Woman’s egg lives for just 24 hours. Man’s sperm lives 2-3 days and in some men, it lives up to five days also. This means the fertile period will be about 5 days.

Use BBT charting:

Take the helps of BBT chart and record all your body temperatures. This helps you to know about what is going on with the menstrual cycle.

BBT not only helps you to know about your ovulatory period, but also it lets you know about potential problems like luteal phase defects and low progesterone levels. There are many websites available which offers you a free BBT chart.

Consuming prenatal vitamins:

Consumption of prenatal vitamins is essential for you and your baby health. Take folic acid for one month before you are trying to conceive. This will decrease the chance of growing your baby with neural tube birth defects.

Consume vitamin C in sufficient amounts as it will help in growing strong placenta which will exist during your pregnancy.

Regular workouts:

Practice workouts for at least 3 0r 4 days in a week for 20-30 minutes. If you don’t have the habit of exercising then walking regularly is a great way. Practicing aerobics is also a great way such as swimming.

Avoid consumption of toxins:

Stop consuming tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs. Avoid taking medications without your doctor’s prescription. Strictly avoid smoking as it has a great negative influence on your fertility. Smoking is very dangerous for you and your baby. So, stop smoking immediately.

Prenatal diet:

Healthy eating is essential in your pregnancy. Eat natural and whole grain foods like consuming an orange as a substitute of orange juice. Also, avoid the consumption of processed foods.

Make sure that your prenatal diet consists of plenty of antioxidants. The foods rich in antioxidants include: consuming tea, consuming fruit snacks like apples, black plums, blueberries, cherries, plums and prunes and eat dark green vegetables, peppers, parsley and tomatoes.

Achieving a healthy weight:

The body of thin women can not able to produce enough estrogen and have little chance for ovulation. Whereas obese women can produce high levels of estrogen and have higher chances of getting pregnancy. So, maintaining healthy weight is the most important fertility tip.

Drink more and more water:

You should drink at least 100 ounces of water per day.

Come out of the stress:

Avoiding stress is very essential during your reproductive health. You should feel very relaxed at the time of intercourse.

Stay away from environmental hazards:

Stay away from environmental hazards like heavy metals, radiation, lead and pesticides.

Following these fertility tips will greatly improve the chance of becoming pregnant quickly. Most of the changes will give an immediate improvement while some may take longer time.


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