Folklore Predictors For Baby’s Sex

Though there are few studies ever undertaken to examine the veracity of these claims, women have had varying degrees of success (to say nothing of fun) trying out all kinds of old wives’ tales to see if the sex of the child that a pregnant woman carries can be predicted.

For instance some cultures believe that if you crave sweets you will have a girl and if you crave sour, you will have a boy (based perhaps on the old saw about girls being all about sugar, spice and all that’s nice); other cultures believe the opposite; so obviously there is nothing to these beliefs!sweet craving

The Chinese use a birth chart to compare the month in which the child was conceived and the age of the mother at the time of conception to come up with the gender answer.

Similarly, the ancient Mayans have a calculation method based on the mother’ age and the month of conception. Supposedly if both numbers are either odd or even, the baby that is born will be a girl. If among the numbers one is even and the other is odd, you decorate the nursery blue.

There is also a belief that if the left breast of the pregnant woman is larger, then it’s going to be a girl and if the converse is true, it will be a boy!


  1. i say that those claims are not true. it can only prove your child’s sex through the aid of the modern technology used nowadays. other than that, there is no way anyone can prove what is the sex of a baby from a mother’s womb based from her behavior or her favorites during her pregnancy.


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