Free Baby Products – Where To Look For Baby Freebies While You Are Still Pregnant?

As you shop for the new little arrival into your world, you have probably already realized what a financial drain it can be to buy all the baby stuff that you are going to need.

However, now, when you are pregnant, it is the time to look around for all free baby stuff, all the promotional freebies that are and will be offered to expectant and new parents. There is a surprising amount of them out there, if you only know where to look and whom to ask:

Baby Magazines: Many baby magazines, Baby Talk for instance for which you can get free subscription, have offers, discount coupons and promotional giveaways that can turn into big savings.

Right now, before the baby arrives is the time to do the spade work, after that will be a busy, busy time so you want to do your research and be well stocked now rather than later.

‘Junk’ Mail: Check your ‘junk’ mail; it is likely that you are being sent coupons or promotional offers by snail mail or even email. As word gets around that you are expecting, or if you have registered at your local health center or online as a pregnant person you are likely to be receiving glad tidings of discounts and coupons on all sorts of things: disposable diapers, baby formula (you may want to have this on hand even if you plan to breast feed; it is a great standby for when you’re going out etc) and a bunch of other stuff. Again do this beforehand; some products will take some time for the process to be shipped to you.

Register Online: Huggies, Pampers, Gerber, Similar, Luvs, Carnation, Enfamil, Walmart etc are all brands that offer baby products. Visit their websites to see their promotional offers, freebies or discounts.

If registration is required, do register, but just be sure to read the fine print. Many freebies require some purchase or subscription of some sort. So make sure that you are saddled with an unforeseen expenditure when you register for your freebies.

Hospitals and Doctors: Doctors, particularly gynecologists and obstetricians get a lot of promotional stuff, so ask for any freebies they can pass on to you. Hospitals also have starter packs and giveaways that they may give or sponsors have on offer.

Ask around: By word of mouth you may get things for free from other people: small size diapers that baby outgrew before using, strollers, playpens, cribs, bouncy seats, clothes etc.


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